Wednesday, October 11, 2017

At Home With Dogs And Their Designers

Finally a book that combines two of my favorite things! Dogs and Design!
Leave it to Susanna Salk to knock this one out of the design park by mixing lovable dogs and the gorgeous abodes in which they reside.   It's so much fun seeing how designers live, especially when they either have children or pets. We definitely see that these fabulous designers are not afraid to mix stunning interiors with a bit of pet hair and paw prints! Now check out these images and try to guess which dog belongs to whom... don't worry you can get the book Here to get the answers.
 Believe me you will want this, plus it is the perfect Holiday gift for both design and pet lovers alike.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

AUX ABRIS - walls of art!

 I was shopping at my favorite showroom"John Rosselli"today at the D&D Building and saw a new display of wall coverings that stopped me in my tracks. The company is Aux Abris!  They are a boutique design studio that specializes in fine wallpapers with highly textured surfaces and saturated pigment.  Colors range from monochrome to wild and everything in between.   I loved the murals, ikats and batiks but really all of them were wonderful.  To see more go HERE!
P.S.  I also got to chat with Sheila Bridges while she was picking some fabulous paper samples for her client, so basically a great day!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


For his first book by photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna, truly created a masterpiece!  I cannot get enough of this book as I revisit the beautiful rooms and gardens and peak into the lives of artists, textile designers, landscape designers and of course interior designers.  
Just when social media has lead us to believe that anyone can be a designer, this books proves that wrong. We come to understand that design is an art form and creating spaces and gardens takes time, patience and love.  Miguel through his lens allows us to feel the personality of each image and makes us want to take a seat or touch a piece.  If you truly love and appreciate design and architecture this is your new cocktail book, and if you know someone who does here is the perfect gift! GO HERE

Just look at this sofa and room of Carolina Irving 
and tell me you don't want this book!