Saturday, July 21, 2018

Studio Swan - "No Ugly Duckling"!!

I am sure you may be familiar with Thomas Swanston , but if you are not you should be!  His work on paper and canvas is so unique and involves one of my favorite subjects,"BIRDS"!  His work has been featured in many interior design magazines and is definitely the show stopper of that featured space.  Tom uses paint and metallics in a way that allows the painting to become almost magical. 
 I am hoping that we can use one of Tom's paintings or a commission for  my latest project. 
I am looking forward to this process and will be beyond excited to share when it comes into fruition.  For now please enjoy these amazing images and to see more fabulous pieces of art go HERE!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Light Becomes Art!

I find that lighting has truly become works of art.  As I design a condo in Florida I  found that the corridors did not allow much space for cool furniture or art that allowed you to step back and appreciate, so I turned to sconces to give the space interest and personality.
Circa Lighting has designers that have created such stunning light fixtures that they have become wall sculptures with the bonus of light!  Check out some of my absolutely favorite go too sconces that can stand on their own in any space. For all of these beauties go HERE.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Seasonal Coffee Table Decor!

I don't know about you but I am so happy to have Summer at my door step! With the change of season I like to lighten up things in the house and add greenery and colors of nature. My coffee table is not an exception! 
 Have you changed out your table decor yet?  Here are a few hints on how to bring life to your table.

I love adding tones of green,whites or blues depending on the spaces color scheme. Also organic materials that tend to be monochromatic such as wood, clay  and stone lend themselves well to gray and taupe interiors,especially if you are afraid of color.  
However, I do believe that every table should have some life to it and that can be done in the way of flowers or plants. Those should add lovely color naturally to monochromatic spaces.   The other thing I like is something unexpected in the way of accessories, it could be an antique store or flea market find or even something your child has made for you.  All these things add personality to a table.

My must haves are books, trays, candles and coasters!  For one. I love my family and guests but don't love rings or things spilled on my table and trays and coasters solves those issues.   Books, well doesn't everyone like leafing through a beautiful book or picking up something fun to read while waiting for dinner or relaxing? Candles just add that ambience and favorite scent wafting through the entire room.

 If you are looking for more Coffee table inspiration turn to the professionals at Havenly, they have many curated rooms by designers to peruse and see the pieces they chose! I found this post  interesting and inspiring  while finding ways to decorate my coffee table, and I hope it sparks some interest for all of you too. 

Here are a few more of my favorite sources!
For great faux floral arrangements check out Diane James Home.
If ever in Summit, NJ please stop by Great House with proprietor Bonny Neiman you are sure to find that interesting object or book for your table. My two favorite candle sources are Gladstone, NJ the Urban Cottage and online is Hound House! When in Lambertville NJ for Urban chic finds please stop at Zinc Home.

While researching for my post I found a few great pieces that would spruce up and coffee table this season. Check them out below!