Sunday, April 7, 2019

New Rustic Country

Well, I have been quite busy with design projects so I will not complain! I am starting another project in Florida, but it will be far from coastal in design.  The client loves her California french country style, so she would like a fresh version of this on the East Coast. I am thinking of introducing her to the "New Rustic Country".  You know that country style that has lots of white oak, european tiles, warm cabinet hardware... etc.
Starting with Kitchen cabinet styles I think all clean wood shaker, with possible open shelves or glass front uppers and either a poured counter don't freak out.................................  

 A tiled island  or surround counter and backsplash.
Before you hit delete let me show you what I am thinking and it involves very tight grout lines with chiseled edges.  Then I follow it up with a hardware board to help figure out what metals she is drawn towards.  Don't worry I will definitely post this project here and on Instagram so stay tuned!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mad About The MIX!

I am working with a client who happens to also be a good friend.  She has wonderful taste, which of course makes my job that much easier! Her  apartment is definitely a modern eclectic mix of pieces and installations..and now we are creating the icing for this gorgeous cake.
We are  going to mix it up! It is  so much fun when two different  styles collide, such as traditional and modern.
We are going for that look with art and accessories, and I cannot wait to show you the finished project. So please stay tuned or check out my Instagram for progress HERE.
Meanwhile just look at the marriage of these styles and how they effortlessly blend together...

Miguel Cabrera

Deborah Tarr 


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bungalow 5- Dream Room

Do you follow Bungalow 5 on Pinterest? If you do you have one more week to enter their Dream Room contest!  If you are lucky you could win one piece from their new arrivals.  This was a fun board for me considering I have four design projects right now that are down to the wire, and since I will be using several Bungalow 5 pieces in those projects I felt inspired to dream up a room! 
You can too, right here- B5!
Here's a few pieces from my dream room and to see more go HERE!