Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Digging Dounia Home!

Do you know Dounia Home? Let me introduce you! Dounia Home is a lighting brand that suffuses contemporary elegance with the ancient splendor of Moroccan material and culture . You all know I love Moroccan anything! They meticulously design each piece with the customer in mind. Their products are hand-crafted by master artists in Morocco . They offer custom sizes and finishes and truly cater to the customer. To learn more about them go HERE!

Just look at these candles!! Perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift!

LOVE these throw blankets!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stocking Up on Royal Design Studio Stencils!

Wow, say that title ten times fast!  If you follow me then you know I am moving into a new house. I love so many things about it but there are a few areas that need a little something.  For example  the girls bathroom, lovely and white... I am thinking maybe a stencil!  Royal Design Studio is having 15% off today so time to stock up! Just look at the following stencil projects from their site, they are amazing.
So head over HERE and take advantage of the this little sale.  Trust me after you see these stencil projects you'll want to try one yourself!

All projects below are from Royal Design Studio's Site HERE.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Velvet Right Down To Your Wrist!

I LOVE velvet! Especially around the holidays.  There is something so rich and classic about anything done in a great velvet finish for example...

Tory Burch's Velvet walls!

This fabulous room on Pinterest!

Awesome velvet chairs are always a good thing!

Rose and Ivy wonderful blush Velvet Bed...swoon..

Oh my gosh these boots!!

Can anyone lend me 2500.00 for this Burberry Velvet coat, Please??

Assorted Velvet gloves, LOVE!

If I was 20 years younger I would rock this velvet fringe cardigan!

Now Sibilla Jewels has a Winter line of bracelets that let me have velvet
 right down to my wrists!
The stones have a matte finish mixed with a subtle sheen lending itself to a velvety texture, trust me I saw them in person they are stunning and perfect for the holidays!!

Just look at these....

If you want to find more of these go HERE!!