Friday, August 31, 2012

Seaside-Home in La Jolla, CA!

While in California we took a day trip to La Jolla to have lunch with a dear client of my husband's. I loved everything about La Jolla, the view, the restaurants, and of course the shops! One Shop in particular drew me right in, it was Seaside-Home.  This was no ordinary furniture store it was your one stop shop for amazing interior design needs. The vignettes were put together so well, and the pieces were luxurious to casual chic. They had the most amazing collection of hand painted silk pillows.  I wanted every one of them.  The designers were kind and gracious when I explained I would like to take some photos for my blog. I promised a rave review of the showroom and I am delivering!
If you happen to be or vacation in the La Jolla area please stop into The Seaside-Home and ask for Jeanne Sterne, she is the senior interior designer on staff and has been with the company since 2008 and has done design for over 25 years. This beautiful store is located at 1055 Wall Street, La Jolla CA, or visit their site Seaside-Home.

I love the use of great tapestries in California!

Wonderful vignettes!

Amazing hand painted silk pillows!!

What fun with pops of bright orange and chinoiserie detail!

Again, fantastic pillows!

Love this!

Really loved this unique mirror.

What a spin on the paper lantern, this is encased in lucite and hardwired!

I cannot turn away from anything  blue and white!!

  I predict we will be seeing these Turaeg Mats from Africa  quite often in  design magazines!

I think my daughter found her favorite seat in the store-Bright Pink!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coo Coo for Cocoa!

It's that time of year  when I try wrap up my own house projects after spending the summer working on other's spaces. The big project this year will be re-painting and re-furnishing the library.  Some items are staying such as an antique red, brown and black Bokhara rug and two throne chairs that were handed down from a great Aunt.  My inspiration is coming from a giant photograph of our horse on canvas that will adorn the only full wall in the room. All other walls are book shelves and a fireplace. I think I am in love with Cocoa Lacquer! I want a real change and I think that will give the room some serious impact! I think the book shelves and all the trim will be lacquered and maybe the walls will be in a cream herringbone linen wall covering by Phillip Jeffries. So I found some rooms that also inspire me. Will keep you posted on the progress, Happy weekend all!

My Inspiration!

Above two courtesy of Little Augury.

Billy Baldwin

Courtesy of Coco cozy.


Two above courtesy of Vancollier.


My Pinterest.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The works of Robert Vavra!

While we were on vacation in San Diego I was able to view the works of the fabulous photographer Robert Vavra.  He was part of the Natural History Museum's exhibit of the" Horse".  Robert Vavra has glorified the horse in a personal way through amazing photography! He is also the author of 37 books and since the release of Equus in 1977 he has been noted by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN to name a few.  Each image is thought provoking and simply beautiful. So I would like to share some of his work with you, Enjoy! All photography  under (copywrite) -Robert Vavra.

Robert Vavra

Monday, August 27, 2012

Take me back to Pelican Hill!

The highlight of our trip was definitely staying at the Pelican Hill Resort! This resort is located in  Newport Beach, California but you feel like you are in Italy. I loved everything about this resort! We stayed in the bungalows which featured vaulted wood ceilings and hand hewn beams, limestone fireplaces, and marble baths. Everything is pretty much in walking distance, but if you need to go beyond that they will either provide a golf cart ride or an Escalade to drive you where you need to go.
The resort also offers Villas that range from 2,000 to over 3,00 square feet with a more private atmosphere and  personal amenities. Everything is done so well and the decor is rich yet leaves you with a serene feeling. Walls are adorned with lovely oil paintings and antique tapestries. The salt water pool is HUGE! My Children enjoyed it very much, and we could even escape the sun in cabanas provided pool side.  This is both a couples and family resort and either way you choose it's a winner!
I hope you all can experience Pelican Hill one day, until then I will leave you with a few photos from our stay.

Pelican Hill

Definite Italian influence but done with a modern twist!


Loved all the nooks one could hide in while relaxing in the lobby!

This was stunning, I have a new appreciation for aged tapestries.

Our bungalow, my camera lighting ..not the best.

The ceilings were great and the wood tone was warm and simply aged.

Partner desk served as a nice table for the girls when they ordered room service!

Each bungalow had a wonderful private terrace.

View was amazing, very European .

I think my husband's favorite part of the trip was playing this course.

All the paths were manicured very well.

Children's favorite part of trip!

Andrea Restaurant was delicious and the booths were very comfortable with views of the golf course and water.

The Villa's bedroom.

The living space in the Villa.