Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tripping The Light Fantastic!

I love lighting!! I really enjoy receiving new products via email and I cannot believe how far lighting has come!  There are some really cool lighting fixtures out there and it makes me want to change the lighting in my own home after viewing these fabulous pieces.  Here is  a LARGE hand full of light fixtures that I am smitten with right now. Enjoy!

 First and foremost my favorite showroom to shop for clients has to be Vaughan! The lighting is so beautiful and made so well it's hard to compare once you've purchased a piece from Vaughan.  However, I have found some truly close seconds as you can see in the lighting following my top 7 from Vaughan!

The two sconces below are from Solaria a cutting edge lighting source to the trade!


The four pieces below are from one of my favorite showrooms," Niermann Weeks" they are cool and the finishes are always perfection!

  Well, we all love Circa Lighting and I especially love seeing what's new in their inventory. The following light fixtures are fantastic.  I want the first one as my staple ceiling fixture throughout my home!

What a great little shelf sconce!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking for Favorites Pins!

I have to admit when Pinterest first came out I was hooked!  I found myself pinning for hours and was shocked at the amount of time that went by while I was Pinning away. I eventually burned out and backed away from pinning for quite a while.  I am not sure what sparked my interest again, maybe it was the terrible weather we were having here but I found my way back to Pinterest and truly enjoyed a few great days of viewing pins and adding pins.  Are you still hooked on Pinning? Here are some of my favorite recent Pins ! I would love for bloggers out there to send me your favorite pin and why you picked it and I will post it on Thursday August 1st! Emailyour jpeg to,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding Balance In The Trendy World of Design

I was having lunch with a good friend the other day and the topic of design came up.  She has connections to one of  the top home builders in the country and has great taste!  She said she noticed that the price of antiques seem to be dropping, and if I felt the same trend.  She also wondered if my younger clients were as interested in antiques as we are and as we were back in our younger days!   I had to admit that most of the younger clients these days are internet obsessed and leaning towards trendy decor.  "It does make me worry for the future of good design", she said.  I had to agree!
 As more rooms are being done via the internet and through popular interior stores we are finding that peoples homes are starting to resemble one another's.   What happened to good old design balance?  I find that trendy is fine in small doses or in paint color, but a whole room done in just new furniture just doesn't do it for me. How does one entice the younger generation to want and appreciate antiques again?  Maybe its just a matter of simple balance! Also the yearning to have a space that really reflects your personality and that of your family's. SO, don't be afraid to scour your local antique store or thrift store. Hit some estate sales! If you find something you love don't worry about what your friend may think just buy it! You will be surprised how a few interesting old pieces in a cool new room can give you balance!


Credits: House Beautiful, Blissfully domestic, Dadka,CocoKelley,
and HGTV.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Unexpected Touch Of Color!

That Ceiling!!

One can tell when an experienced designer has had their hands on a space.  Besides that fact that the spaces will be positioned correctly with proper weight and height, there is a bravery when choosing color and fabrics that either a person with amazing taste or a designer knows how to pull off!  It is always the unexpected pop of color that impresses me. You know, that certain color that most wouldn't dream of throwing into a space and somehow, someway it really works! I have found a few great examples of that and would love to know what unexpected color you threw into a room.  Enjoy!

Prussian blue with olive green and a touch of Turquoise!

Lavender and orange pillows!

Green Dot Pillows!

Multi Yellow and Raspberry pillows.

Chartreuse Tiger Chair!

Brown walls with Turquoise and Yellow pillows!

The pillows!!

Lemon and Pale Orange!

A few ways to add the unexpected color to your space, use pillows, poufs or throws!

The above four items are from the fabulous site-Pure Home!
Lovely pale pink pillows form ETSY!
Fabulous Chartreuse velvet pillows on ETSY!!!

Credits: House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Decor Pad, Eye For Design, Architectural Digest.