Wednesday, September 20, 2017


For his first book by photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna, truly created a masterpiece!  I cannot get enough of this book as I revisit the beautiful rooms and gardens and peak into the lives of artists, textile designers, landscape designers and of course interior designers.  
Just when social media has lead us to believe that anyone can be a designer, this books proves that wrong. We come to understand that design is an art form and creating spaces and gardens takes time, patience and love.  Miguel through his lens allows us to feel the personality of each image and makes us want to take a seat or touch a piece.  If you truly love and appreciate design and architecture this is your new cocktail book, and if you know someone who does here is the perfect gift! GO HERE

Just look at this sofa and room of Carolina Irving 
and tell me you don't want this book!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

David Hicks Scrapbooks

One thing I absolutely love about blogging is receiving amazing design books to review.  I am like a kid on Christmas opening the box and immediately pouring a cup of tea and diving right into each page.  I am loving my most recent book received from Vendome Press, "David Hicks Scrapbooks".
It is a compilation of scrap books that David kept through out his years of design and business.
It is filled with photographs of the charmed life lead by David and his wife Lady Pamela Mountbatten.  Lady Mountbatten was cousin to Prince Philip and her place in society definitely allowed David Hicks the ability work his design magic and expertise for A- List Clientele and socially mingle with the likes of Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy Onassis even Andy Warhol.
 It is like a step back in time as I read news paper clippings and articles but I must say the design work is still classic and competes with todays sense of style.  The whole book is pulled together by David's son Ashley who has kept the Hicks name and design truly current. Here are a few of my favorite images but I assure you there are so many it was hard for me to pick a few.
To find out more or to order this wonderful book go HERE!

I spy a Large Tulip Painting !

This space is so timeless I would love it in my home today!!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Global Charming...

Okay, after seeing the creative ways to use globes by English Country Home at the Hampton Designer Showhouse I have been a bit GAGA for GLOBES! 
Just look at these beauties that we took for granted when we where young and now they are a must have accessory if you ask me!

All of the above are found at 1stDibs of course!
Just think of the wonderful lighting that could be made with them or just use them as a fabulous accessory.

Just great - Firefly Vintage Home- Etsy

LOVE this one- HERE

The photo I took at this years 
Traditional Home 
South Hampton Show House
Room by English Country Home- Chris Mead

An example of a great repurposed lamp and map!

Yes I know its not a globe but WOW!