Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New House Hit List, What Would You Pick?

We have not moved in yet.I am allowing this time for me to tweak things before all the furniture is in place.  I am working hard trying to decide on things that are a priority like lighting, carpeting, and built ins.

Let's start with lights shall we!  Not all the lighting stayed from the previous owner as I wanted to create spaces that were a bit more "us".  I think we are traditionalist's with a touch of eclectic.  I love mixing metals so there will be a range of polished nickel, gilded iron and bronze in different rooms.  The door hardware is predominantly polished nickel and iron. However, I think there is no hard fast rule for metals accept to allow the eye to travel without getting overwhelmed by the mix.

I think I am set on everything except the older girl's partner bathroom sconces.  There are the cutest porcelain white  giraffe ones at present but again my girls are 20 and 22 so that wont fly! Here are the choices I have made so far for the house...

Moroccan inspired glass chandelier to add a touch of whimsy to
 the gilded Gracie wall covering in the dining room!
I got this beauty at Zinc Home in Lambertville NJ!

The chandelier on display at Four Hands - High Point 2015.

I think I fell for the eclectic sparkle!

Next I found a fabulous blush wood beaded chandelier by Jamie Young for my daughter's rooms to go with the blush woven wall covering by Phillip Jeffries.
Onto the master bedroom,  I went with a burnished bronze even though the master bathroom is a wash of deep gray and nickel.
I needed something a tad softer...
Currey & Company Benson Lantern

So I went back to polished nickel for the Master Bath and this simple yet eye catching seeded glass and Edison bulbed fixture did the trick!
Murray Feiss

Now I am stuck on the partner bathroom suite sconces..
I love all of these . So what would you pick?



Or #3

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fave Black Friday Finds!

Just wanted to share two of my favorite Black Friday Finds!
 One being Juliska!! Especially if you love blue and white, this is for you. My second is Tracy Buyce Photography which features fabulous Equine art.
Check these out for great gifts for someone special or maybe yourself.

All above go HERE!

For the above beauties go HERE!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sneak Peak New Home -Part 1

Well, its been a very busy Fall.
We bought a house while flying  by the seat of  our pants! We new we would eventually downsize a bit,  but weren't sure when.  However, there was this house I have admired for the past few years and when it went for sale we thought, why not?  I will truly miss my old historic home because I raised my family there.  Now the girls are all starting to leave the nest and this old home is just not the same with out them around. 

 So change is a good thing! Or at least that is what I have been telling myself!
We had the walk through the other day and I snuck a few photos while the rooms are empty.  My first task now in the new home is lighting for a few rooms and maybe paint and rugs to start. After cleaning out my present home I now know that I will take my time not to clutter the new home  but to rather fill the home with things I love. 
 I will post the journey while I make a new home our home. 

The lovely chandelier is not staying, it is gorgeous but I just purchased a glass moroccan beauty from a favorite store in Lambertville - ZINC HOME.
I cannot wait to hang it!

I have to add two chairs, cocktail table and accessories but this is a good starting point.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Transitional Collectibles

I love seeing what people collect!  It adds such personality to one's decor.  I was sitting with a cup of tea reading a favorite design book, "Gracious Rooms" by Barbara Westbrook. I simply adore the kitchen with a collection of Victorian Jaspeware.  I thought this could definitely work in a modern setting especially if one uses Basalt - Black Jaspeware.  So of course I was on that in a flash and headed directly to Etsy!  Etsy has some many wonderful pieces with reasonable to more expensive pricing.  Worth checking out! What do you collect? 

My little plate from Etsy!

Fabulous kitchen by Barbara Westbrook!
Look at that collection, swoon!

The above can all be found on Etsy with search

Below If you are not a fan of black basalt then blue may do the trick!
Look at this teapot its wonderful.
Search Blue Jasperware Ebay!

Saw this collection on Pinterest,
 the mix of blue and black is amazing.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wish List - Anything Ann Washburn!

I loved reading the article in Milieu with Suzanne Kasler and what she loves about Atlanta.  There was one store in particular that caught my eye," Ann Washburn".   So I had to jump online and see what this was all about.  Well, I was not disappointed! She has the loveliest selection of clothing.  Yes, its a bit pricey but I can say that each piece is a classic and one that you could use for years!
I am making my wish list now as I know that first I must concentrate on the new house and all that goes with that venture. One can dream though!!
For more amazing pieces to add to your wardrobe go HERE!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Paper The Table !!

The holidays are around the corner and that means getting those lovely tables ready.  Paper goods always were considered a bit relaxed for settings but think again!  Paper table runners and placemats are making there way on to the best dressed tables.  One can even use a fine block print wrapping paper for interest. Check out some of my favorite paper goods that are sure to have your guests thinking that you are not only  clever but chic too!

Look at these fabulous table runners from LaylaGrayce!

The wonderful paper good below are from Bonnie Kaye Studio on Etsy!

My last favorite is a marble motif paper from -

I though I would have a bit of fun and see how I would use this marble paper runner below!