Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Moroccan Style Stenciled!

I am just about done with my butlers pantry. I had to take a break in order to paint many pumpkins over the last 8 weeks. That sadly has come to an end since I literally ran out of them! So now it's back to concentrating on client's and my own projects.
 My inspiration for the butler's pantry came from a moroccan style tile that I placed on the floor.  For those who may want the same feel but do not want to take on the project of tiling one can turn to stencils.  I find that stencils can be used for many things such as back splashes, stair risers,  furniture, floors and even faux headboards! I found some true beauties on Royal Design Studio and couldn't wait to share!  To purchase these lovelies Go HERE! Remember it's much less complicated than it looks and there are many videos available along with detailed instructions. A good paint,  stencil adhesive spray and I prefer a nice tight sponge to the traditional brush and you are on your way.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Artist's Brunch

I had such a lovely time yesterday at a brunch with some artist friends.  This wonderful couple lives in the country side of  Tewksbury, NJ surrounded by hills and valleys with a view to die for! Their home is an old stable and corn crib which was converted into a living space full of whimsy and warmth.They are a couple of peace loving people, a bit eccentric and colorful with a wealth of knowledge of the world, life and art.  Mai is from a well established family in New Jersey and Peter from England. The pair paint together and travel to England every year for inspiration. Mai- Pronounced" MAY-I ", grew up surrounded by art as her mother was a wonderful painter and the two also dabbled in fabulous paper-mache pieces as well.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of Mai 's work but for those who haven't I thought fitting to do a post and share.  It certainly makes me want to pull out the old new papers and wall paper paste and give it a go.   Enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Planning The Table

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I have been so busy painting pumpkins for the last 6 weeks that I lost track of time and  I have neglected reading some of my favorite blogs! I am finally filling the home with Fall accessories and doing some finishing touches to the kitchen and butler's pantry. I started thinking about the Fall table and decided to begin planning and keeping a few must haves on file. Here are a few picks that I would love to have at my table and I cannot wait to see how all of you decorate yours as well.

I would love a few of these to mix in with real pumpkins!
Here at Pottery Barn.

I just love these faux branches from EarthFlora!

Monogrammed napkins in deep moss or bright orange from non other than The Enchanted Home.!

How cute are these Here.

Pinterest -Love an assortment of colored pumpkins!

A fabulous vintage stair runner as a table runner from GrainSack- Etsy!

This organic table cloth from Wisteria is great!

Again, Wisteria up close and mixed with gold utensils.

Vase -Wisteria, but with the gorgeous arrangement below!


Must have a few lovely Pheasant feathers in the mix and that should do it!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Modern Military Design For Mister

I was truly inspired today by Chairish! They had such amazing military pieces that could create a unique guest bedroom or man's cave for anyone's Mister.  I always see such gorgeous rooms on the internet and I myself am drawn to lovely feminine things.   I sometimes forget about a great masculine space.  I have gathered some perfect starters from Chairish, paired with some other finds from great sites and tried to do a modern take on military style. I almost feel like Fall lends itself to masculine design, with wools and earthy tones that pair well with a crackling fire.  Is there any military accessory that you find interesting?  For more wonderful finds go HERE!



French Helmet Pendant lights- CHAIRISH







The above set the tone for a great room with options and style, I went on to find more below to complete it!

A more reasonable option to the director chair!

A fun wall map as a mural!

A ceiling done in Ralph Lauren's Map wall covering.

A masculine rug like this one from Restoration Hardware.

If you cannot do a hide wall behind your bed this metal bed will suffice for sure!
Restoration Hardware

Metal isn't the Mr.'s style then a gorgeous pewter leather bed by RHhome is the ticket!

A textural wall covering such as this one by Phillip Jeffries  give the room warmth.

A Pendleton blanket is always a winner.

Monochromatic Naval Art is a great choice it mixes well with modern paintings that have color.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Fashion And Art Collide at Minted!

I love Minted! You can find fun affordable art as well as all your essential stationary goods all on one site.  Minted has even paired art with the latest fashion trends and asked if I too could play along. It was quite easy because Minted had so many great new pieces of art to choose from. You can even have it framed so it may be hung as soon as it arrives. Here are some fun pairings of Fall Fashion trends and Minted art.  To see more great  art go HERE! What is your favorite art or fashion trend right now? 

Anything that is warm orange screams Fall and is gorgeous.
 I paired this with a bold geometric that has touches of warm orange.

Jet black, need I say more?

Touch of earth topped with pastel!

Warm florals!

Trend setter Kristina Bazan sporting an aviary influenced blouse. 
I love birds and this is one fun trend!