Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Interview Bjorn Bjornsson For Mansion In May!

I am so excited to share a wonderful Q & A with Designer Bjorn Bjornsson Who will be designing a space at this year's Mansion In May!  Bjorn's designs are quite luxurious with high end  architecture, lighting and art! I cannot wait to see what drama he brings to the space he is working on at the Mansion. He was kind enough to agree to an interview and I hope you enjoy his perspective on design. Check out Bjorn's entire portfolio here: Bjorn Bjornsson!

1. How did you get started in this industry?

I was originally going to school for advertising. One day not long into my first year of school I unexpectedly ended up taking a test for interior design. I had to wait for a friend of mine who was taking the exam and she thought it would be funny if I went into the class and took the test with her just to make my waiting time go by.  It turned out not only did I do well on the exam but the professor insisted I switch my major. My first real introduction into the industry itself was on my second year of school when I was invited to work for a design firm as an intern. I was selected to be one of five main designers to work on a large hotel complex that was located in Baghdad, Iraq.

2. What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy through the years has never changed. I truly enjoy working closely with my clients in order to create a space they will love and be satisfied with. 
  My satisfaction is  always based on my client’s satisfaction. 

3. What would you recommend to readers for "What to do first " in a design project.

First thing anyone should do is select colors that make them happy. After they think they have found their color they should thumb through a magazine to select what style they think would reflect the personality.  An exercise like this can point anyone in the direction on what’s right for them.

4. Do you have a favorite go to piece, color or wall treatment that you like to use in your projects?

I like to think that all my projects are different and a reflection of the client I am working for. I do have many favorite thins I like to think of as my go to piece or color but again it all comes down to who I'm working for and incorporating their favorite things into the project so it becomes a part of them.

5. What you deem a trend or a classic? 

A trend is something everyone runs to do in their home because it’s a must have at that moment. An example is when everyone had to have a green and orange kitchen, or grey and burgundy colors throughout their entire house. The last few years everyone wanted a white kitchen those are what I call trends.  When you deem something classic it’s typically because the look with stands the test of time and therefore becomes timeless. 

6. May we have a few hints on what to expect from your design at The Manson In May?

The room we are working on is going to be different from anything we have ever done. I am mixing extreme traditional with a very contemporary style the contrast is going to be really eye popping. I have also incorporated some of my own personal furniture line into the space which I’m very excited about!

I for one am very eager to see what amazing work will be done at this year's Mansion In May, and again this is the time to get tickets  price will go up at the door so get your tickets online, see you there! 

Thank you Bjorn Bjornsson for such a wonderful interview and myself and I am sure my readers cannot wait to see your room at MIM!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bloomin Great!

GeorgiannaLane- Etsy
It is such a dreary day. It's chilly, rainy and not one sign of Spring here!  I would love to see one flower or at least a glimpse of a flower that is attempting to break through the surface of my muddy backyard terrain.  Well, if flowers wont come to me then I will have to seek out flowers.  I had fun today filling this post with everything floral!  I found clothing to lighting on 1stDibs and amazing photography on Etsy, there is an abundance of blooms here that surely wont disappoint! I hope it is sunny and warm in your neck of the woods and if you have true blooms let me know what flowers are surfacing where you are.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

RebeccaPlotnick- Etsy

- Hermes 1stDibs

Wonderful Wall Sconces- 1stDibs

Simplylodge- Etsy


HausofAriella- Etsy


Amazing floral Cloche -1stDibs!!


LOVE 1stDibs

Vintage Oil Painting-1stDibs

Bloomin  great Lamps!! 1stDibs

Warhol- available 1stDibs

Friday, March 28, 2014

Basking In The Glow With CTO!

I always feel that adding lighting to a room is like putting the icing on a cake! Lovely lighting can add that much needed interest and personality to a space. I have fallen in love with CTO Lighting from the UK.  They have an eclectic mix of lighting and mirrors that are sure to make any space truly glow! Some of the lighting is so lovely it can just stand alone on a wall and be a work of art in itself. I thought I would share some of my favorites. However, to see all they have to offer go HERE!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Stop Shop- OKL!

I am loving all the Spring items that have popped up on One Kings Lane this week. I thought it would be fun to go on a pretend "one stop" Spring shopping spree and create a room fit for the warmer weather. Now if only New Jersey realized we are suppose to be having warmer weather right now! Well, here are some of my picks. What are you loving this week for Spring on OKL?