Sunday, April 30, 2017

Designer Crush - Flora Soames

It's been a while since I have crushed on a designer.  Unfortunately so much of design is starting to look the same to me, and although most of it is good not all of it stands out, until now!  I love when I stumble upon fab design by accident and that is how I found Flora.  I was looking at Matilda Goads Instagram and Flora was suggested to me.  I guess Instagram new I was in desperate need of a crush! 
Check her out HERE!









Friday, April 28, 2017

Dreaming Of A Florida Room!

I am so thrilled that it is finally warm and sunny today in the North East!  It has been so dreary that I seriously contemplated heading to Florida.  That lead me to think about Florida
living and if I did have a home how would it differ from the one I am in now. Well, my home has a more organic French feel and yes that could definitely work for a Florida room but part of me thinks of a more clean , white eclectic modern vibe.  I imagined a great penthouse condo with views of  Miami or South Beach and of course great big windows! Lots of light and added greenery with touches of aquatic art for sure.   Maybe a few hollywood regency accessories such as the brass greyhound to add a touch of fun.
  How would your Florida room differ from your own home now?  If you are seriously pondering the  Florida lifestyle it's always fun to see what's available right here - FLORIDA!


with a link to all the items I added below!

Capiz lamp

Arteriors sphere light

Flower planter

Rodeo Home throw pillow

Home decor

Barclay Butera windows picture

Leather armchair

Brass end table

Lift top table

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Slightly South Of Simple....

I cannot believe that Kristy Woodson Harvey of My Design Chic has written a third book!
 She is one very busy  talented lady!   The lovely yet somewhat poignant "Slightly South Of Simple" grabbed me by the heart the minute I realized it had three daughters as the main characters. It was such a heartfelt story about a single mother whom years after the loss of her husband has events that force the return of her three daughters, while trying to allow herself to finally find herself and move on.  There are twists and turns but lots of love throughout the winding path taken on the this journey. This is the perfect Summer read ladies!  Of course once again I am partial  because the matriarch "Ansley" is also an interior decorator so I truly do relate and relish her sense of style and work ethic.
I believe you will not only be able to picture these lovely women and men in your mind by Kristy's vivid description,  but also their environments , whether it be a home or a boat! To get your copy of this wonderful book please go HERE! Available April 25th.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.05.18 PM.png
Slightly South Of  Simple

Harvey 20 - retm copy.jpg
Lovely - Kristy Woodson Harvey

kwh ansley quote 1.jpg

So... I wanted to see if I could recreate in my minds eye  Ms. Ansley's home, so here goes nothing!

Image result for historic beach house in georgia with picket fence

Maybe this sweet picket fenced beach house with a front porch and a neighbor to the left who is just close enough to be annoying!

Blue Mini Brick KItchen Wall Tiles

I believe that Ansley could possible have this blue and white kitchen with gilt pendants and a beach feel!

Or maybe this simple kitchen with lovely pops of watery blue!

Related image
This might be the winner ....
Now how about the guest cottage, hmm~ let's see why Ansly's daughter "Caroline" wanted this space
so much!
Small Interior Design Ideas. #SmallInteriors #SmallSpaces #SmallInteriorDecor:
HomeBunch,com  this could be the guest cottage for sure!

With this cute little kitchen..
The open and airy kitchen has a farmhouse sink, glass-fronted cabinetry, and a breakfast bar that’s perfect for a small gathering.:

Oh and of course a sweet little bedroom to escape the chaos ..
With love and light:

Now it's time for your imagination t run wild as you read "Slightly South Of Simple", Y'all!

Monday, April 10, 2017

House Happenings...

Things are starting to finally move along in the new home.   It's the waiting that is the hardest part!  Still waiting for outdoor furniture which I ordered in December! Isn't it amazing how everything always seems to be back ordered or not in stock.   Banquette finally arrived for the kitchen now just waiting for custom oval table and I have to decide on some small sweet chairs. The  basement got the antelope carpeting that I always wanted but never had a room for it in the old house. It's amazing that Stark did a great line with polypropylene which really holds up to stains.  I am trying not to fly by the seat of my pants on this house really taking my time and realizing its not about filling a space its really about loving it and having things that are special and stand the test of time.
Next spot on the list is that empty foyer stay tuned...

Lee Industries bench with gray/green faux mohair that is water resistant.

Temporary antique table while the one below is built, I cant wait to see it in place.
Now to ponder chairs....

                 Cant wait to start filling this basement with fun art work, games and extra seating!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cutting Words....

"Grow Old Together" Sign
Magnolia Market

If you're like me you love that crazy Fixer Upper couple Jo and Chip!  I'ts my lazy hour when I just air pop some corn and see what fun things they create per episode.  Now I am not talking about the actual fixer uppers because lord knows I was doing that over 10 years ago.. you  should have seen my house in Lake Placid before we gutted it, even Chip would have had second thoughts. No,  I am talking about all the creative little touches they add the make the houses unique.  One thing I am totally crushing on  is all the art created out of metal by good ole Jimmy Don.  They take a simple sheet of metal and with the right saying and font they cut words into such a conversation piece... I have to find me a Jimmy Don. Well until  that happens here are some places to cut some metal with your own personal sayings!

South High Sign Co

Above and Below
Irish Blessing

Of course you can always  count on Magnolia Market by Joanna and Chip for some great
Metal Art Signs!

Below From Jimmy Don!

"Grow Old Together" Sign