Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorites on Friday-Interlude Home!

Doing a little shopping for a client on Interlude Home and found some favorites !  Thought I would share these finds with you, as I think they are fun for any interior.  Have a great weekend and NJ enjoy the warm spell!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Artistry Of Applique - Wendy Cragg!

Applique Artistry

We have seen appliques coming back on the interior scene these days. With Schumacher's Mary McDonald's line among others we are drawn to these beautiful pillows as they become statement pieces in the room.  I have found a true applique artist whose work is stunning and I really needed to share.
Her name is Wende CraggWende is a self-taught textile artist who has exhibited nationally for more than 35 years. Featured in numerous publications and recipient of dozens of awards, her pieces are installed in residences from Italy to Hawaii and were recently included in the SF Decorator Showcase.
Wende works closely with designers and clients to create highly personal artistic statements in natural fibers. Commissions gladly accepted.Please enjoy my favorite pieces form her collection and if you wish to see more..I know you will, see here!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Architect for MIM- William Welch!

If you read my post on the Mansion In May at Blairsden, you already know you are in for a real treat.
However, it only gets better! The Architect for Blairsden this year is none other than William Welch.
William  Welch and Andrea Filippone are husband and wife team at Tendenze Design in Pottersville, NJ.  I have long admired their work as they live close by in one of my favorite little towns.  The name should be familiar because they were on the cover of Elle Decor a few years ago and their home was stunning! I thought I would re-feature their home so you can see the talent and attention to detail that this firm is know for. I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store for us at The Mansion  In May this year!

Tendenze Design

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interior Staying Power- Keith Irvine!

I pulled out one of my favorite go to design books last night-Keith Irvine"A Life in Decoration".
I love reading about classic interior design as a guide to what has staying power!  There are so many things we can learn from these Master's of design and the late great Keith Irvine was a master! He was taught under Colefax and Fowler in the 1950's in England and rolled into New York in 1957, the rest was history! He had a very short stint at Sister Parish's Firm that ended rather abruptly. He then went onto form the firm Roberts & Irvine with Robin Roberts.  In 1961 the duo started the famous fabric line Clarence House, but before the year was out they split with Clarence House going to Bob Roberts and Keith forming Keith Irvine & Co.  Keith then partnered with Tom Fleming. The duo went onto decorating interiors for the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy, Diana Ross,and Katherine Graham etc.  Keith also had the great support of one more special partner throughout his career until his death in 2011, and that was his wife"Chippy"!

Let's see what we can learn here from Mr Irvine's interiors. I have picked out pieces, architecture and textiles that are still popular today. Can you pick some out too? Here's to staying power! 

Animal print, large artwork, lacquer furniture!

Stark Antelope rug and chinoiserie furniture!

Bold wallcoverings!

Fabulous sofa fabric(ethnic), abstract painting, great throw pillows!



Chinoiserie furniture and blue and white!!

Timeless rustic elegance, textures.

Tailor fit slip covers, animal print and interesting accessories.

Zebra print fabric, eclectic mix.

Great wall color with Orange tone!

Mix of modern and traditional, asian garden seat, and fabulous large incharge charcoal abstract!

Hellooo wallcovering maybe Gracie?? Oh and that great red lacquered room.

Again chinoiserie wall covering a classic!

Well edited bookshelves and great lighting.