Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome The Year of The Horse!

Project Decor

If you follow my blog you know by now that I am bit obsessed with horses. I guess because we have one ourselves and if you own one too you know the blood sweat and tears that goes into caring for them!  I love that we are entering the "Year of The Horse"! It is a popular animal in design and I think we can easily add them to our interior decor for a fun way to welcome the New Year! There are so many sites that have fun horse items, but I love to see what Etsy has in store for us! I really like to support artisans and small businesses and Etsy has some fantastic online stores to check out. I am sure you can also peruse your local antique or thrift shop and find fabulous Equine subjects just begging for you to take them home!  I hope you add a little "bit" of horse to your home this year, and I wish you all Luck and Health in 2014!

Our little boy or big boy I should say!
Below are some of the ways I have added a bit of horse to my interior decor and some places to find some of your own!!

Etsy-Apples And Oats!


Etsy -Apple And Oats


Etsy-Giddy Now Vintage


Etsy-The Vintage Farmers

Valerie Shaff

Etsy-Paris Oui Paris

Etsy-Classic By Nature


Piaffe Photography via The Relished Roost!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Can Your Home Do The Hustle -Yes It can!

My Project Decor

Yesterday I obsessed a bit over 70's Fashion as seen in American Hustle! Today I was thinking about 70's home style, and how not all of it was avocado and gold! I must admit that the 1970s was challenged by the old saying too much of a good thing is..well too much of a good thing! Yet, there where pieces of furniture, art and even wall coverings that were great and still can look fabulous in todays eclectic interiors! Let's not forget that some of the coolest designers reigned in the 70's, such as Albert Hadley and David Hicks!
There was a surge of bold colors, use of fur and shag and pop art galore.  1970's brought Brutalist to light and there is really nothing brutal about it at all!  I searched my favorite antique site-1st Dibs for iconic  pieces that were found in upscale  70's interiors that could still look totally cool in 2014!  Do you have any relics or favorites from the 70's if so let me know.  Enjoy my finds!

Albert Hadley 1970's iconic interior.  I think we can see that we have taken a cue from this past decor and brought it to the 2000's ! Notice the Chevron, Turquoise, Tribal, Chinoiserie, Fur, etc! Yes, this room was hot then and could still be considered hot now!

Grasscloth a hot trend then and still hot today! Phillip Jeffries!

The quintessential funky rug- cool but a bit too funky for me!- 1st Dibs!

The Beni Ouarain of the 70s is a hot rug today! www.peterkammermann.ch

Brutalist sofa- So Swanky! !st Dibs!

Lotus and bamboo, hot in the 70's and definiteley here to stay!

Brass Garden seat always adds personality to a space! 1st Dibs

Awesome floor lamps- 1st Dibs

Lucite Game table-, backgammon anyone? 1st Dibs

The classic waterfall lucite or acrylic table, still a top seller today ! 1st Dibs 

Sheep skin Chivari chair, how cute at a dressing at a vanity or dressing table! 1st Dibs

We all love a fab Bar Cart! Leave it to 1st Dibs to have this baby!!

Burled Walnut waterfall cocktail table , I love it and want it now! 1st Dibs

Love the upholstered arms and legs I would take these any day! 1st Dibs

Graphic bold art was the rage and still mixes well into todays vignettes! 1st Dibs

Love the tribal feel of this piece!1stDibs

Hmmm, I think Ive seen some reproductions of this beauty in my travels, this may be 1st Dibs but check out Arteriors Home for some great alternatives!

Airplane motif was very popular and I would still love to see one of these grace a man's desk!

Great buffet from 1st Dibs!

I even have a few pieces from the 70's......
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My lucky find on Ebay-Thayer Coggins stools that I reupholstered in the late great Summer Hill turquoise linen fabric! I also found the 1970's large brass moroccan table below and a fun thrift shop!

What do have from that era anything fun? Let me know!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Shopping " American Hustle" Style!

I saw American Hustle the other night, it was really great! It brought back such memories for me as I spent my early childhood a child of the 70's! So I have decided to take  a shopping trip down memory lane today.  I must say that I think the mens 70's style should probably stay in the 70's, but there is definitely nothing wrong with infusing a little 70's style back into our wardrobes! For one I have and always will love the "wrap" dress, long pendant necklaces, large framed sunglasses and of course floppy hats. So, why not bring them back in 2014!  I think Amy Adams looked fabulous, I loved her hair in long loose waves and then the transformation into that tight wild curl for an evening look! I also loved seeing the loose curled up-dos that I remember my mother's friends wearing when going out for the evening. Such a fun flash back to the 70's and the acting was fantastic too! If you get the chance check out American Hustle and you also may find yourself  taking a 70's shopping trip too!


Here at Ebay- Cynthia Steffe

Halston- 1st dibs!

All the fabulous dresses below are from DVF collection !!


 The woman who started the iconic style herself: Diane Von Furstenberg- Credit: Pinterest

Large and incharge sunglasses!!!

All of the above- Giant Vintage!

Must have platforms and wedges for sure!!

Amazon- BCBG

LOVE- Heels

SSense- DVF shoes!

The fab Floppy hat!




Finally, some cool jewelry that even "Irving" would have gladly purchased for Sidney!

Above jewelry all from House of Lavande!

Credits- Eonline, New York Daily News and Hollywood Reporter.