Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I AM BACK - With a great find!

Needless to say its been a crazy 6 weeks here!  A move from a house I had been in for 18 years need I say more.  A mother who needed health issues assisted with and I worked on the set for my daughter's high school musical Rogers and  Hammerstein "Cinderella". 
 Well enough about me let's move on to "Mela and Roam"!  I fabulous store in Houston that also has  a small online shop.  Unique worldly finds await you there and I adore her block print pillows.  It's always lovely to have a little unique piece added to one's space that makes people stop and say, "where did you get that!"
To see more from this wonderful shop go to-

Just look at these wonderful spaces in their portfolio and then do a little shopping to create your own great room.

Vintage Lassi Cup