Tuesday, September 29, 2015


As we approach October and a chill enters the air, I cant help but think of things blackened. I guess it's the love of Halloween and the depth and black gives to walls, art and accents. I am a firm believer that all rooms should have at least one thing that is black. Here are some of my favorite blackened things.

Reminds me of the bathroom I did about 10 years ago for a French couple who loved the idea of blackened walls! Credit

Very fun! Credit

On Pinterest and I cannot find the site! Perfect for FALL!

Move over pumpkins I think I may turn to painting doors!


Love this fabric from Robert Allen!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Phillip Jeffries - Walls Of Art!

Wow! Phillip Jeffries as done it again.  They have turned wall covering into works of art! Check out these fabulous coverings and imagine one large wall behind a bed done in one of these beauties!  See more HERE!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Must Have Monday!

First,  I must give a big thanks to my wonderful supporters! First my friend Tina from The Enchanted Home, who has truly been my inspiration for the Chinoiserie pumpkin, then Pinecones and Acorn for Friday's post and Sharon at The House Of Hampton for also being so kind and passing my little hobby around! I have been very busy painting as you may guess! My supply is dwindling, I am sorry to say but I am hoping to try and refill this week for those who may still want a Pumpkin before the end of October. Today however, I am dreaming about my "must have list".   There is a chill in the air and Fall on the rise, I better get back to painting because I have pumpkins up to my eyes! have a great day. On with the list.

Oh my gosh this bedding from Pine Cone Hill!

Chunky and sharp from The Federalist!

Swoon over these pillows at The Enchanted Home!

I have a Moroccan brass tray table, so when I saw this sink well....
Kohler you out did yourself!

Fabulous from Bonny Neiman, and Bonny has just come back with a boat load of goodies from Brimfield so head to Summit Soon!

Okay I really do need these!
Stuart Weitzman

I ma all about the tassel these days and thanks to Splenderosa I can wear one on my wrist too!

I am heading to the Veronica Beard Runway for Fashion Week tomorrow!
I LOVE their line for Fall and this is a must have!

Best bang for your buck is this Crate and Barrel Firescreen!
We just ordered it for my friend and it suits both tradtiional and modern settings!


I love Happy Times by Lee Radziwill and I think it really is a must for all homes!
Polo for this time of year is so fitting and plus I love my horse!
I found these at a wonderful new store that opened up in Gladstone NJ,
Borregaard's , it's a must see too!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Chinoiserie Pumpkin

It all began when I was invited to attend a blogger luncheon at  Tina's from The Enchanted Home. I was to be among some of the most talented bloggers and women that I admire and I wondered ."what can I bring to the table?" It was October and being a former mural artist the only thing I could think of was painted pumpkins.  I never dreamed they would be something that people would actually want.  I am so grateful to Tina and other's who have promoted my little hobby of painting pumpkins, it has become a little side job now! I have  some stock right now of medium to mini pumpkins. I love to paint, so really the sky is the limit as to what I can try to design on them. Right now Chinoiserie in blue and white seems to be the hit! Please email me -towncountryinteriors@yahoo.com if  you are interested in prices and availability.  
I truly appreciate all the love I have received for these little guys! Happy Autumn all!

-Below are an example of the pumpkins that I have painted for customers.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Robert Allen Naturals

First I want to say THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on my fun little Leopard Powder room reveal. It was so much fun doing that tiny space that now has big personality. 
 Have you seen the Robert Allen's extended Naturals collection. I's so versatile! I love the colors and the simplicity of the patterns. I think some of them are just perfect for a guest room, so I thought I would share my favorites and show how I would use them. To see the entire collection go HERE!

Crave more color - how about this pretty little room!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Peak At Powder Room!

I am so excited that my dear friend's house is finally coming together! We installed both powder room and living drapery yesterday, and all the furniture pieces are in place too. It's just time to accessorize now!
I just love how the powder room turned out and I thought I would share it with you . Yes, I am giving out a few secrets because I like you !
I cannot wait to share the living room with you when it is accessorized, so stay tuned.

It started with a thrift shop lamp that cost $7.00!  This hanging fixture did need rewiring but that was a minimal cost. Then it definitely needed some updating and spunk. That's when good old model car paint and a gold marker came into play.  Model car paint is fabulous! It goes on glossy and stays glossy.  It also  comes in a variety of fun colors. The gold marker is just plain easy to work with. 

Then we wondered -"What color do we choose"?
That's when this trim below chose it for us!

Look at this little rescue in it's new home!

That lovely little Samuel & Son's tape trim found it's way onto our great valances.

Here are a few little secrets...

Testors brand model paint you can find at Michaels or Walmart.

Only a few left of this petite mirror, which was the perfect fit for our tight little space.  It added a tribal feel along with the Schumacher Leopard Wallcovering and Fabric!
Many asked on Instagram about the mirror so here it i.
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Water Hyacinth Mirror