Thursday, July 27, 2017

Art Can Be A Beach!

It's mid July and I have art on my mind!  Art can resonate with us on so many levels.  A painting can bring back a memory or make us wish for long Summer days.  This art work by Elizabeth Lennie is no exception!  It's wonderful colors and abstract scenes of the beach  can make one feel the sun and smell the ocean air at any time of the year.  Check these out! HERE

Monday, July 24, 2017

Tickled By Tassels!

Remember good old tassels? We used them as tiebacks, doorknobs, and around chairs.  
We now see a  revival of the Tassel in everything from earrings to neck chains to even light fixtures.  
I for one love seeing them in use again and I say bring on the tieback because these are not your grandmother's tassels!

LOVE - here

Arteriors please bring this one back!!

Cute! here

CRAVE- here

So Sharp!  here

Which leads me to my favorite Passementerie...
Now these are TASSELS!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Scott Meacham Wood's Thirsty Tartan Give Away!

 I love this bar accessory giveaway from Scot Meacham! You have to admit even if you aren't a fan of tartan, it is a classic!  To me it can be mixed into any eclectic space even modern if chosen in the right colors.   You can enter the give away just by liking Scot's Face Book Page so go HERE!
Meanwhile check out some of my favorite pieces and spaces from Scot Meacham Wood Home!

Bottle cap opener!!

Place Card Holders

Perfect eclectic colors!!

Of course my favorite colors!

Classic Scott design and headboard available too.

Here is unexpected Scot Meacham Wood Home design and just look at the fabulous mix of modern and traditional, LOVE!

Monday, July 10, 2017

James Thomas - Eclectic Adirondack Style!

As I slowly start to give my Adirondack home some design TLC, I feel that remaining eclectic is the way to go.
 For example, designer James Thomas  created a fabulous home in Upstate NY.  It has Adirondack charm but eclectic style.  Very classic and timeless, yet relaxed as a vacation home should be.

Look and learn what the use of classics and only a touch of trendiness creates...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lake List!

There is always a to do list when you have a home! A vacation home is no different, especially when one needs some TLC.  I am looking forward to slowly working on this place that our family and extended family will enjoy for years to come.  Not rushing into anything, taking my time but definitely adding things to the list.... Like the following!

Looking forward to seeing the finished paint job with blackened stain , white dove trim and green cladding that was existing.. I hope it gives me the feeling of these wonderful black stained homes below.

Then there is this wallpaper I am a bit obsessed with..

Then there are few more things like a modern adirondack chair or 4!

Ordered this for the game room, Pottery Barn definitely got this one right!

I have a great carpenter who will build me something like this in the basement for all the nieces and nephew and of course whomever my girls drag up!
But first a good old driftwood laminate will grace that basement floor.

Finally I really just want the place to have the feeling of PEACE because lord knows with the way this world is spinning we truly need to find some.

Now this is peaceful!