Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vintage REMIX- Kishani Perera!

If you follow me you know I love antique and vintage pieces. I think trendy pieces are fun in small doses but I need something old mixed with new in every interior I do. So when I saw this great book by Kishani Perera I grabbed it right away.
For those who dont know Kishani Perera, she is an interior designer to the Stars from the West Coast who also owns "Rummage" a great boutique in LA's design district!  This book is chock full of great ways to mix old and new pieces, high and low pieces and how to follow your gut when shopping! I found it quite informative and fun. I hope you do too! Be sure to add Vintage REMIX to your list!

Kishani Perera

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Obsession- Kravet Nomad Chic!

My Samples.. and more to come!
 I am approaching the finish line with a nice ethnic eclectic apartment project. I love when it's time to place the finishing touches such as pillows, throws and accessories! When I saw the line of ethnic inspired fabric from Kravet I knew I had to grab some samples. They mix well with other textural fabrics, and are quite dense in construction yet soft to the touch. They may be used for upholstery and pillows so I decided to throw these into my mix of fabrics for this cool apartment. I am posting also a few of my other favorites in the this collection because they are just too good not to share! Enjoy, and have a happy Monday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sister In-laws With The Best Taste, Veronica Beard!

Sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard combined their respective backgrounds in finance and fashion to launch Veronica Beard in fall 2010. Endlessly brainstorming ideas and inspirations missing from the market, the Veronicas kept coming back to the concept of “The Uniform” and the quest to simplify dressing for women who, like themselves, do it all.
Yes, they are both named Veronica Beard! Like it was meant to be!
Between both of them they are raising 8 children, WOW!! Talk about having to fly by the seat of your pants..literally, and what fabulous pants they fly by too! I love their sense of style and their clothing line is not only user friendly it's down right chic! I found out about them through a good friend who knows them personally and raved about their line of clothing. I now can see why she is smitten. We especially love the Jackets with Dickeys that you can change out per outfit to give a whole new look. I also really love the Resort Collection for 2013. Check out the site and the blog-Veronica Beard!

Gorgeous Sister-inlaws with impeccable Style!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Grabbing Decor By The Horns!

Yes, I mean literally grabbing decor by the horns. I love rustic chic elements incorporated into spaces, and the good old buffalo horn is on my list as a favorite go too when accessorizing! I think it is very versatile as it can go from country to contemporary in a flash.  If people are going to eat buffalo then I think that nothing should go to waste and that includes the horns. I have picked some of my favorite must have pieces of horn decor, let me know what you think!








Decor Pad

Kelly Wearstler-featured on Girl Meets Glamour Blog

Farro Designs

Interior Illusions Home


Last but not least is the lovely horn pattern done by Ralph Lauren of course!
The Gwyneth Table Ware collection.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Am Back and Blogging About Brunschwig & Fils!

I had to take a temporary hiatus, too many things to deal with that I even care to mention! I hope all my fellow blogger friends are doing well.  I was without a computer for over 10days, if you could only imagine!  I have alot of catching up to do so I thought I would keep this one simple.  I love" Le Jardin Chinois" collection from Brunschwig & Fils! I like every piece of fabric in the collection, the colors are gorgeous and the neutrals are soothing, yet interesting.  I picked some of my favorite neutrals that would create a wonderful space and maybe influence some of my young trendy followers to step a bit towards the traditional side with a clean palette that some mod pieces would mix well with. 
I am so glad to be back!

Below you see another wonderful fabric from a different collection by Brunschwig, but see how it mixes effortlessly with the great Chinois neutrals!

I guess if I had to throw a color into the mix it would definitely be a big pop of this lovely turquoise!
One of my all time favorite shades!