Monday, January 23, 2017

Fabulous Anna French!

I am currently working on a transitional space for a client's teenage daughter.  I am gathering many great samples and I knew some would definitely be from the Anna French collection at Thibaut.
Here are some of my favorites!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Currently Crushing!

It's been very busy getting the new home ready as I slowly move out of my old farmhouse. Many of my old pieces will come along for the move but there are still things that I may want to add as this house has a much different feel from the old one!  I love making wish lists and thought I would share some of the things I am currently crushing . Just keeping an eye on these lovelies for possibly future use. What are you crushing these days?

Well all of the above from Wisteria!
Pretty much anything that has a hint of Neoclassical.. will do nicely.

Low and green, had me at hello!

OH yes one day soon I will have some pottery from

Zig Zag Mud cloth!

Beautiful Block Print!
Its so relaxed and timeless..

These adorable decoupaged paperweights..

Day beds are a serious crush for me as I try to plan out my foyer!'
Love this French one from 1stDibs.

I also like this new one from Gabby!

This one is very transitional from Etsy!
My Chic Nest

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Your Daily Greens...

I am not sure if it's the Winter blahs but I am craving greens!  Not only nutritionally but esthetically.
So in the new home that I am slowly moving into, I find myself wanting to add pops of green.  
The thing about green is there are so many fabulous shades!  One minute I want a true gray/green, then I want moss and when I see a great chartreuse I just smile!  Yes, it's a tough choice but here are some ways I started adding it to my decor below!
Kitchen counter!

Kitchen /Family room with touches on the coffee table and counter. There will be pillows to follow that also have touches of green throughout the fabric.

Below are some great fabrics and rooms that make it easy to be green!

Above all from Schumacher!

Below are the pots that I have the biggest crush on and have two of them on my coffee table
I am hoping to acquire more!

Above are from

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Energize and Organize!

The one thing moving into a new house allows you is the chance to start over and get organized.  Now, I just have to get back to eating well and getting energized to take on the task!  I have tried to make it simple by starting with my pantry and linen closet. Both were bare spaces so either built ins or metal shelving were the choices.  Considering I have many other things to put my budget towards, I took the economical way out and chose industrial metal shelving.  This is easy to clean and really allows for lots of space to place things out of the way.

Clean space with floor to ceiling reasonably priced subway tile.

Racks with wheels for easy moving and cleaning!

Now for adding some of these goodies...

LOVE these!

Baskets are always a good idea!

Sometimes you need to see what your are storing so head over to Target for that!
Below what a clever way to stack your lids, need this one too.

Above racks found at Target.
Other places to find great metal shelving on wheels are Home Depot and

Great additions for shelving - Target!

I do have a section in my pantry that I will place a coffee station and some art work.
Considering the walls are tile any Command Strip set will come in handy!
If I get adventurous and decide to hang art work by chain from the ceiling then the kit below 
from Displays2Go will come in handy,

Now this guy is in the running for my coffee station.. stay tuned.