Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Peruvian Pops Of Color!

I love neutral spaces,. Yes , the ones draped in grays, taupe, blacks and whites.   I just moved into a mountain home and it has many of the tones just mentioned.  I intend to keep those tones for sure but may want to add an unexpected pop of color like in pillows or blankets, throws, or even something to drape over a head board.  That's where Peruvian textiles could be the answer.
Peruvian blankets, pillows and rugs tend to come in bold stripes and native pattern that work well with traditional, modern or rustic settings.  I found so many gorgeous examples on ETSY!
 Take a look at these wonderful textiles and see if they appeal to your sense of color!

Frazadas / Rugs / Colorful Blankets from Peru - You Choose!

The two above are from ELHUMMINGBIRD !

Bohemian rug | Peruvian frazada | colourful throws | wool blankets | vintage rug

Bohemian rug | Peruvian frazada | colourful throws | wool blankets | vintage rug

This large fun blanket is from BOHEMIAAMORA

Maybe you want fabric by the yard?

Peruvian Fabric by the metre - SMALL orders - shipped from UK

From Peru Peru!
Or maybe you just want a pop of color with pillows...

Then go to BadlandsTextileCo
Peruvian Hand-Woven Pillow | NINE

Peruvian Hand-Woven Pillow | TWELEVE

Peruvian Hand-Woven Pillow | FIFTEEN


So many fun things to choose and a great way to add some eclectic color to your space.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Finally Schuyler Samperton Fabrics!

If you've followed my blog for a while you know I adore Schuyler Samperton Design!  I  admire her ethnic/eclectic yet classic mixes and her sense of colorful pattern combinations.  I feel that her design is high style yet comfortable at the same time without intimidation.  One gets to know the dweller's personality just by looking at the way the home is designed.  
Now you can have a bit of that feel too, because Schuyler has come out with her own line of textiles!  Each pattern is dripping with saturated color and timeless appeal.   I for one am excited and need some samples now!  Check these out and for more information go HERE!


The Following are some of my favorites from her collection...

Monday, May 15, 2017

Beauty Of Container Gardens

I'ts that time of year here to get the gardens growing!  I left a fabulous garden at my previous home and now I am not sure that I want to go the traditional route for a vegetable garden. I am kind of loving container gardens.  They are easy to care for and plus you can make them great to look at as well.  Containers can be traditional or modern making for a beautiful display, especially for lettuces!

Look at some of these beautiful ways to grow your garden above ground and I will be heading out to my local garden supply.

Container Vegetable Garden Plans And Ideas

Container Gardening Ideas E Z Vegetables Herbs And Flowers!
This is so whimsical and just perfect for a child's garden idea!
Vegetable Container Gardening Tips And Techniques Front Yard

22 Fabulous Container Garden Design Ideas For Beautiful Balconies
Simple and rustic chic!
All above images found HERE!

a built in herb garden on the table. Hi, You love Dreamhouses and need impressions : financing, floor plans, exterior cladding, roof, Windows, electrics, heating, doors, Hall, living / dining room, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathroom, workroom, wall - flo:


Image result for modern vegetable container garden


Friday, May 12, 2017

Wisteria Mood Contest


I had fun playing around with all of Wisteria pieces to create a "wisteria mood" room!
Wisteria has joined  Dwell With Dignity ......
Dwell with Dignity’s mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time. By bringing good design into the lives of those less fortunate, a path to positive self-esteem and self-sufficiency begins. Our philosophy is that changing a person’s environment changes their outlook on life. This begins a cycle of positivity: when we provide our families a place to be proud of and thrive in, we have set the stage for breaking the cycle of poverty and setting up future generations for success.
Go Here to join in the fun too!

Ceiling light



Ceramic home decor

NLXL beige wallpaper
$115 -

Throw pillow

Square throw pillow

Parquet table

Home decor


Home decor



Home decor

Diamond furniture

European furniture

Wall book shelve

Teak coffee table



Solid Wooden Sphere