Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Learning To Live In The Moment

It is a sad week here as our dear friend is losing his battle with cancer.  He was diagnosed last August at the age of 45, and being of amazing faith he said he would beat this.  He is one of the kindest,most generous and faithful people we have ever met.  He was also one of the most hard working too.  I am trying to understand why these things happen and what purpose his loss has in the scheme of life. Where is the lesson in all of this? My mother who saw him 2 weeks ago recalls something very poignant that he said to her, and that was "I thought I was young and that I had time, I worked so much and so hard to give my family a better life, and I was thinking of what was in the future like to retire early and spend time with them then. I now can no longer work and now that I have time to spend I am too weak to play with my children, isn't that something"? He then said,"I wish I knew I would have spent more time".
This broke my mother's heart as well as ours and now there is no time as he is in a coma and his 3 children under the age of 11 will lose there wonderful father and a wife will lose a kind loving husband.
I guess the lesson for me was learning to live in the moment! I am so guilty of living for what's to come and so busy sometimes that my days fly by and I took no time to really look at the day, my family or the beauty that surrounds me.  I am going to start to try to stop and appreciate, be more grateful and try to stop wanting more when I have all I need. It's going to be a challenge for sure but I am willing to give it a try as I have learned from a wonderful person that will be sadly missed, that time is of the essence.
Enjoy my little stream of consciousness as I have found images that make me smile and allow me to take in the moment, and I promise I will be back to my usual blog  posts by the end of the week.

529,600 minutes how do you measure a year in your life!

Love of English and Irish countryside.

My favorite flower ever the hydrangea.

Yes, any type of bird makes me smile.

I am happy when I paint.

I love to dance and although my kids I am too old and silly I sneak in a few moves now and then.

Lake Placid love.





My 18 year old actually wanted to spend Spring break with us in London, that you must relish!

A difficult task to get all three gals together for a photo, I will force them to do this more often!

Bermuda love- our 20th anniversary spent with our children!

Again a feat to have them pose in Bermuda.

One of my favorite images of my daughter 2 years before the mighty towers were gone.

My favorite goofy photo of all of us.. this one they will not be happy that I posted!

My Parents.

A very wise quote from my daughter Brooke's favorite play- Wicked!
Thank you for letting me share a moment.

Credits:  Rent,Pinterest, swans & paint, dancer, Wicked

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mansion In May -The Appetizer Course!

I attended a lovely preview for press and associates of the MIM on Friday. We were able to view the spaces and take photos of the amazing work done by the designers. I thought I would share an appetizer course of some of my favorites. Each photo shows a section of the room I love but you will have either wait or attend the show house to see the rest! I know this is a such a tease, but I did say it was the appetizer course the main course can be seen at MIM starting May 1st. I will be a docent on May 4th in the afternoon, so if you attend don't hesitate to say,"hello"! Enjoy! Tickets HERE!

James Rixner has a camera set up in his space in which you may take a photo of yourself in the Grand Salon!
Myself and Artist Maureen Chatfield.

Megan Young Interiors

Susan Obercian and Chrisie Van Cleef

Maureen Chatfield art in Susan Obercian's powder room.

Canterbury Design team! Melissa Seibold on Left.

Canterbury Design Team member. Scott Seibold.


Sandra John Interiors

Linda Benson Interiors

Maureen Chatfield's work in Linda Benson's space/

Love this guy- British Home Emporium.

The original lighting was incredible.

Alfresco Colonnade by The Garden Cottage.
Credits:MeganYoung,Susan Obercian,Chrisie Van Cleef,
Canterbury Design,SandraJohn, Linda Benson,BritishHome Emporium, The Garden Cottage., Maureen Chatfield Art.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Canterbury Kitchens

I went to the opening preview day and tea at the Mansion in May yesterday. There were several rooms that I fell in love with there. One in particular caught my eye, and that was the amazing kitchen done by Canterbury Design of Morristown, NJ.  You will have to come back Monday to catch a glimpse of that kitchen and to enjoy the appetizer post with bits and pieces of the Mansion that are sure to wet your whistle! You will be sure to want to see it in reality so don't forget to check out MIM for tickets. Meanwhile let me share some of my favorite kitchens of Canterbury Design with you!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Interview - James Rixner For Mansion In May 2014

I am so excited to be sharing my Q&A with designer James Rixner. James has been chosen to do The Grand Salon at this year's Mansion In May! I for one cannot wait to see what he has in store for us, and I will be volunteering as a Docent on May 4th in the afternoon in case anyone wants to spend a gorgeous Sunday out in New Jersey's horse country, hint..hint.  
James was kind enough to agree to this interview and I hope you enjoy his design expertise as much as I do.  Please try to make it to this year's Mansion.  I am attending an Afternoon Tea for the Mansion tomorrow and I should have some fun news to share about it after the weekend. Enjoy James Rixner and if you still need tickets to the Mansion see HERE!
James Rixner

Q & A

How did you get started in this industry?

I entered the design field through Architecture and Urban design and have a Masters in Urban Design.

What is your design philosophy?
Residential interiors should be suitable to the homeowners life and be fully compatible with the structure and architecture of the home. Function and beauty form the selection of the materials and finishes.

3)What do you feel is a classic or a trend?

Pure forms of mid century modern have become new classics. New Trends, I think are using large format material for kitchen back splashes and bathrooms. Pencil thin mosaic tile is on the way out.
4)What is your favorite go to piece or paint color that you tend to use often when doing a space?
Paint colors such as Quiet Moments from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Urban Grey.

Would you give us a few hints about what we can expect form the Mansion In May Grand Salon?
Here is the press release describing the project-Enjoy!

This year, James Rixner was honored to be selected to design the most prestigious room in the home-The Grand Salon on the ground floor. For this particular project, Rixner's main challenge was to make this monumentally scaled main entertainment room relate to today's lifestyle. As such, his approach will be a chic combination of classic, contemporary and Parisian furnishings.
James will recreate the pivotal space of "BLAIRSDEN" and also create visual drama in a symmetrical, formal room to ensure it as a major focal point. Namely a pair of extravagant Baccarat Chandeliers were installed in the crafted domes. Christopher Guy Furniture and decorative accents, along with Colombo Mobili fine hand crafted baroque consoles, Beacon Hill silks, satins and velvets, as well as Swarovski crystal embellished drapery tie backs, and the rarest portoro marble base boards combine to make this room the important public space it was intended to be. 14 foot French Doors from Belgium and an abundance of other phenomenal personal touches and accents combine to complete the stunning decorative details.

I bet you want to come out to New Jersey to see this space, don't you??
Here's some of James Rixner's wonderful interiors.

Credits: James Rixner
Thanks to Christian Turnier for your assistance!