Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tribal Influenced Apartment Install!

We are so happy to be able to take photos of my client's apartment. It has an open floor plan concept and she wanted an earthy, eclectic feel with touches of tribal.  We first had to deal with a half wall issue when you entered the space. This was transformed into a book shelf that added privacy without closing off space.  Our starting feature was the large wall of Phillip Jeffries Rivet wall covering, it set the tone for the space and everything flowed from there. We incorporated some of the client's pre-existing pieces such as dining table and great asian chairs, with a mix of new and vintage  relaxed pieces with a rustic edge. They are happy and we are glad!
Happy Halloween to all!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

House Beautiful COLOR -The Perfect Shade For Every Room!

I had to do a bit of shopping today and was near a book store so of course I had to hit it!  I immediately went to the art and design section and grabbed a great book, "House Beautiful COLOR- The Perfect Shade For Every Room."  House Beautiful always does a great handbook for designers and homeowners and this one takes the cake!  If you haven't seen this yet , you will definitely want it after this post!  It addresses all the staple paint colors and how they can be incorporated into our interiors and they even give you a paint chip cheat sheet pages with each color!  I also love the suggestion pages that have items that HB feels work well with that color theme and even tell you where to find them.   This is a long post, but believe me it could have gone on forever because there is just so much to see and read in this fabulous book! Enjoy, and have a wonderful Halloween everyone!

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                                                                        The Blues....







The suggestion page with wonderful ways to bring the color GREEN into a space!





Tuesday, October 29, 2013

As seen in Elle Decor Artist K Jagjit Singh!

As I leafed through this month's Elle Decor, Jean Louis Deniot's design of a New Delhi Estate really caught my eye. The estate was palatial and stunningly decorated. The use of antiques and art were key. One room especially stood out to me and I think it was because of the fabulous masculine painting that hung above a sofa, it worked effortlessly with the space, and I had to know who did it!  I found K Jagjit Singh and contacted the artist to find out more about his work. He was wonderful and sent these beautiful pieces to post. To find out availability of certain pieces please contact him directly at

‘ K Jagjit has painted for nearly four decades. His works, mainly oils on canvas, are pristine and vibrant. Although, strictly not an Impressionist, he creates mood of the day through skillful application of colorrs. Whereas, play of light on objects and nature concern him, he often adopts a philosophical vision of life. His landscapes thus are not about meanings but about feelings; for form, colorr and the enormity these together create.
Like Wordsworth’s tryst with golden daffodils, Singh witnesses, absorbs and then reclaims himself in his paintings. His works reflect the joy he experiences while working.'

Elle Decor

Monday, October 28, 2013

It Begins WIth A Rough Sketch!

I finally started the rough sketches in my trusty pad for my powder room wall mural. It is going to be a challenge for sure but a great learning process as well. The tones will be taupe and browns I haven't decided yet if the elephants will pop with color,  I guess I will decide after ground paint is in place. I am also in the process of learning the abstract painting process and I am always looking for inspiration. I love simple interior vignettes, so if anyone has a great vignette they wish to share to be turned into a small painting please contact me at: I will send you completed painting if I decide to use it for practice!

Very rough sketch to decide characters.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art on the Edge-Eyes On Walls!

Where do you turn for art for that edgy client?  You know, that hipster young client that wants to be cutting edge and cool especially when is comes to the accessories!  I received an email from Britt Engler about a company called Eyes On Walls.  It has affordable art originals and prints that are sure to bring some fun to any modern interior.  They are perfect for urban teen rooms and new apartment dwellers who need to add character to their space. Check these out and keep in mind for that modern client!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Melissa White For Zoffany!

I did a (Post-link) last year about Shakespeare and the revival of Elizabethan inspiration to fashion and Decor. I included a wonderful company from the UK- Fairlyte Elizabethan Decoration.   I searched them again to se what was new and alot has happened since I last blogged about them. They have a sister company-Melissa White.  They design such beautiful painted textiles, pillows, etc. Melissa has also helped to create two fabulous lines of wall coverings and fabrics for  Zoffany. You must check out the site so you can see her studio and where all the magic happens!  The two gorgeous lines for Zoffany are Arden and "The Gondolier" in the Tespi line. They are stunning and Melissa earned Zoffany the 2012 Best Printed Fabric award! Melissa has also designed a new line for Lewis and Wood as well!
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby It's Cold Out and I am Feeling A Little Birchy!

When It dips to low forties I need a good throw and some cozy warmth.  I wish at times like this I was in Upstate New York surrounded by Birch logs and crackling fires. I seem to suddenly want rustic decor and have my house be transformed into a ski lodge with Birch walls!  Well, one can dream I guess. It is amazing how the wonderful bark of a tree can be used on walls, furniture, accessories, etc. Even if you cannot get the real thing there are stencils, wallpaper even pillows and blankets with Birch Bark design. As soon as you see signs of Birch Decor you know it's Fall with Winter right around the corner. Check out some lovely Birch covered interiors and how you can bring a little to your home!




C redit






Credit- Organizer Basket.

Credit- Stencil