Friday, October 21, 2016

Obsession of the Week- Marine Edith Crosta!

I have a new obsession and I cannot wait until these are available as they are selling out like hotcakes! Check out these miniature ocean paintings in the round by Marine Edith Crosta.  I love them and you must follow Marine on Instagram HERE!

Aren't they fabulous!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Foyer, More Than Just another Pretty Space!

As I get ready to move into a new home I am struck by the fact that I really never had much of a "foyer" in my present home. Don"t get me wrong I am not complaining as it served its purpose of welcoming guests in but was never really a space used for more than that. The new home has a large foyer with loads of light and french doors leading to the outdoor terrace. I think it may be my favorite room in the house because I love light.  I need to come up with a way to make this space more than just a place of entry and rather a place that can be lived in.  How do you use your foyer?
Here are a few of my favorite foyers that feel lived in.




I can picture snacks and cocktails on this console waiting for guests as they arrive.

Sitting and having a glass of wine with the door open to that fabulous yard!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hector Finch Has It Going On!

First off let me apologize for the fact that somehow Blogger literally deleted all of my must have blogger list!! How on earth did that happen? Now I think it makes me want to switch hosts for sure.
I love all my must have blogs and still read them just not as easily as pushing a button - ugh.

Onto Hector Finch shall we?  There are so many lighting companies out there and many that I truly love but this one has hit the top of my list.  So many beautifully classic yet fun pieces and ones that cater to traditionalists and even trend setters.  Just check these out as I get back to clearing out my house!  For more stunning light fixtures from Hector Finch go HERE

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Moving on....

I will be neglecting my blog for a bit as a big change is happening in my life.  Although I relished my old roost for over 17 years, a new roost is calling our names.  I have shed a few tears this week as I began to ready my house for the market.  It was a great house to us, but with all my girls leaving the nest, a smaller newer home seemed like the right choice.  I think this farmhouse needs to have young children running through it, playing in the brook, swimming in the pool and I hope whomever is lucky enough to have our house will be  blessed with memories such as ours. 

Now I have the task of cleaning up and editing. It was wonderful to receive a gift box of fragrant new candles and diffuser from Lafco . This will make my house even more inviting with wonderful scents for the Fall. These are from the new Holiday Collection 2016 for House and Home and they are delightful! I have the Saddle Leather Candle in my library, the Tree diffuser in my mudroom and the Gallery Royal Iris in my living room!  
Scents truly do enhance a room, for more beautiful scents  go HERE1

Also please check out Furbish today as the wonderfully talented Jeanne Hartmann
Has her amazing watercolors available !

Onto the new Roost where we hope to create new memories yet never forget the ones we made at the old farmhouse 
where the children grew up.

Fingers crossed for a smooth move and I will be posting off and on through this process.