Friday, May 31, 2013

Pool Pondering...

Well as you saw from my last post the pool needs re plastering! I had so many choices from dark to light, blue to green and even ship bottom gray! I looked to Pinterest for inspiration and found I was drawn to a medium dark blue that has semi lagoon feel without looking murky. I will post  the"after shot" this weekend when the water is filled!! Meanwhile check out my inspiration images and let me know what you like! Have a wonderful weekend, I will be celebrating my daughter's high school graduation Sunday so pray for good weather, wow time went quickly!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Spruce up!

This summer has taken off to a rocky start! First the pool cracked and needed to be completely re plastered, pipes broke in cabana, air conditioner stopped working.. oh what fun! I had to stop and remind myself that things can always be worse. Especially when I think about the people in Oklahoma, I will not dare complain! So instead we do what we have to do and start to get things together so we can enjoy time with family and friends outdoors. This leaves me to look at my much neglected garden and containers that are the final accessory to the outdoor living space. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and found some beautiful ideas. I would also love to see what you have done with your gardens and containers.. send a photo to me-( I will post these next week as I attack my own garden with glee!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Feeling Americana!

 It turned out to be a gorgeous weekend! I was a bit worried since it had been in the 40's and so windy we had branches all over the yard.  But mother nature cooperated in the end and gave us a lovely Memorial Day.  I watched the Memorial Day concert on PBS last night and of course shed many a tear!
I decided to dedicate a post to good ole Americana and to find some great examples of Americana in design including items one can add to the home to create a little touch of the Red White and Blue! I thank all those who served and died for our country and I need to remind myself sometimes of how lucky I really am to be here in America.

Love this is room its a modern Americana-HomeAdorable.

This is class act Americana!!-Pinterest

The above items are available at

Credits- Pinterest, Home Adorable and Unexpected Interiors.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craving Color!

I have to admit when it comes to my own home I have been playing it safe with color! 

I do  have some great color in large paintings and drapery but for the most part I have warm neutrals throughout. However, these days  I am totally drawn to eye catching color! I always pick the magazine that has a burst of color on the front page, and I am attracted to color drenched art and fabrics as well.
I think I may have to go for a real pop of color on the walls in one of my rooms, I think the side foyer... when I come up the right color I will let you know!  I guess for now I will just admire the brave designers who took a chance on color and won!

Credits- All from Pinterest!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Design Inspiration from Lynn Morgan!

 I love this time of year, and  great interiors designed for  summer living always catch my eye! One designer in particular has a way of making rooms fun, bright and yet classic and that is Lynn Morgan. 
I love her use of color and texture and the crisp feel each of her spaces have. So enjoy a bit of fabulous Summer inspiration from Lynn Morgan Design!


Lynn also does custom furniture and below are a few of my favorites from her products!