Thursday, February 25, 2016

Art In Black And White

I know that the new it painting trend seems to be the modernist black on white abstract. The originals from the mid century truly have the most depth and thought provoking brush stroke as opposed to everyone picking up a roller or brush and slapping some black paint onto a white canvas.  Is it bad to say that I have kind of seen enough of these trendy paintings.? I know they are cool and sharp but if I can't have on original I am not sure that I want to create a duplicate for trend sake, and believe me I thought about it.  However, I have found some black on white art that I would love to have in my home. I feel these have great impact and contain subject matter that speaks to me. Don't think I am saying do away with a black and white abstract if you have one, just open you mind to other forms of black and white that too can create a conversation piece in one's space. Here are some example's!

A wonderful abstract here reminds me of the London bridge!

1961- Myke Reilly at 1stDibs!

The above two are good available prints through Natural Curiosities.

Now the following are my favorite and they are available from

All by the talented Kate Boxer!
They are subjective abstract plus black and white with gives them a modern edge.
I think they would mix well with other modern as well as traditional art.
DO you have any favorite Black and White alternative art that you love,
please share!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Curating The Coffee Table

It's about that time of year again when I begin to get ready for Spring.  I am already thinking about editing my home and those of my client's. The one place I love to start is the coffee table. It's the center of the living or family room and besides being a place to rest one's weary feet, it serves as eye candy as well. I had fun perusing Chairish and finding not only great accessories but awesome coffee tables to accessorize! Look at the three different style tables I found and love. Here are some ways they can be uniquely curated. All found on Chairish.
For more fabulous tables and accessories for to Chairish - HERE!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Instagram Swoon - Arjumands World !

Well,  I found my Instagram crush!  I am now obsessed with Arjumands World on Instagram.  I found the website through Harbinger LA which in itself is swoon worthy.  Wait until you see all the amazing pics on  Instagram of interiors, fabric ,walls and floors that Arjumands World posts. You will want to run to their website Arjumands World by Idarica Cazzoni pronto!  To follow Arjumands World go HERE!

See I told you so!
Now head over to Instagram to see more of these gorgeous posts!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Spring It On!

Is anyone ready for Spring? I know I am! The weather here in the north east doesn't know what it wants to do, but I need to see blooms and greenery soon.  How do you bring Spring into your home?
I found a few sure fire ways to feel like you can give your home a little spring in it's step.  Add bursts of blooms and not just fresh flowers, I am talking walls, accessories etc. 
Take a look! Don't forget to  join the link up below!

When I really need to escape and find Spring I hide out in my greenhouse!
These plants want out!

Wow, Wisteria Home these blooms are gorgeous
and can make any home instantly shine like Spring!

The above stunning blooms of Art are from the wonderful Pink Pagoda, they have both color and drama yet invoke that feeling of a sunny day.

Okay, maybe art isn't your thing but who can resist a good pillow? I just love Caitlin Wilson Pillows and fabric!
Look at how you can coordinate the floral with solids.
Caitlin Wilson

Accessories are always a good thing.
Diane James Home has the most exquisite faux florals and you can find ones for a budget or for a splurge. I say splurge because you can have them forever!
I love the trays as well they can add a punch of color and fun to any coffee table or party.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bring Back Billy Haines!

William Haines was such a design Icon with style that has transcended the generations! There is one room in particular that I adore. It has walls draped in a fabulous green chinoiserie paper and bold accents such as a large mirror and a pediment topped doorway. These are things that believe or not one can achieve with a little creativity and a mid range budget. It's a matter of knowing where to splurge and where to be savvy.  Check out some of the ways one can get this look !

You can still channel Billy Haines HERE!

Paul Montgomery wall coverings!

A large an in charge mirror!

This is a splurge but so worth it!

Fretwork chairs like this one from The Lanai!

A great black console table like this one from Hickory Chair.

Great buy- Ballard!

Traditional black -Ballard
Great Fret Work Table- Palm Beach Regency!

Love the fun color here!
Etsy- Harris Marks Home

Okay, I know  these aren't in the image but I think Billy Would approve!
Harris Marks Home 

Well. If you do not have that wonderful pediment moulding over your door no worries!
Look at this amazing stencil that one can use to add
dimension and elegance to any door way!
JeffRaum Stencils

Here is a great way to get that parquet look with tile!

Tile Bar

Lovely cream sofas would do the trick in  a space like this.
Pottery Barn has this great sofa that I got for my sister and it's wonderful.

For a little splurge this wonderful Hickory Chair sofa fits the bill! No pun intended.

A simple pale sisal with green border would be just fine 
in a space that already has so much visual impact.