Friday, May 30, 2014

Powder Room - Let The Paint Begin!

Well of course I have changed my mind several times over when it comes to my powder room! First I wanted a Schumacher wall covering, then a Degournay mural but now I found what I love and I am really going for it. When I saw   Victoria Hagan's Bathroom in AD I was instantly smitten. It is done in a Chinoiserie paper on a beautiful blue/ green back round and I knew that was it! Yesterday the paint arrived and now it's brush to wall time...stay tuned as the room unfolds! Wish me luck, I am going to need it! Have a great weekend everyone.

Victoria Hagan -LOVE-Architectural Digest!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buckle Up!

Lately I have been noticing all the details that seem to really make a room or piece stand out. I love the little things that seem to catch your eye such as belts and buckles! I like the masculine edge a buckle can give to a piece and how it can be so transitional.  Check out some of the buckled up pieces I found and tell me if you like detail too!



Carbonell Design Studio

Ralph Lauren

The New Traditionalists

Restoration Hardware


Second Shout Out


Thom Filicia for Eastern Accents

Studio 773 for Eastern Accents

Barclay Butera For Eastern Accents

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fresh, Fun and Fabulous Ken Fulk!

Ken Fulk is a triple threat! Besides being fresh, fun and fabulous, he is an event planner, fashion extraordinaire and interior designer.  Did I mention that he manages to do all three equally great! Ken Fulk himself is impeccably put together with a flair for style. He is a bit of a throw back with a look that reads sophistication with a touch of fun.  He is actually self taught and I love the fact that his current studio was once a leather bondage store...who knew? In 2011 Ken created Mr. Fulk's PEEP SHOW, which is an art gallery, design emporium and event space located on the ground level of the firm's SoMa studio. Keep an eye on this gentleman we will see more and more of him I am certain. I for one would love to see a book by him soon. Please..hint hint! Plus, what's not to love about a guy who can pull off the party of all parties for my favorite iconic queen of rock"Stevie Nicks".  Please enjoy some of Ken Fulk's gorgeous interiors and please visit his website HERE!



Monday, May 26, 2014

I need The Scoop On Coops!

We finally dismantled the old trampoline! I would like to say I was sad to see it go but that would be a lie. I have a wonderful 12 by about 25 ft of stone filled railroad tie edged plot of land that I need to do something with. My first thought is vegetable garden/chicken enclosure.  I am not sure if I am up to the task but considering my father was raised on a farm in Hungary I would have plenty of help! I found some great ideas from Pinterest that I would love to share with you. The only problem I have is that there are so many great ideas out there that I don't know which one to do or where to begin. I would gladly take any advice!  I know which ones I am leaning towards and a raised bed garden would be the way I would go, but besides that I could use some input. HELP!

Plot of land in question!

Gets great sun and a brook runs next to it so I have two ways of getting water!

These are the eggs I bought at the Farmers Market this past weekend. They are actually Duck eggs and they made the best omelette ever!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday At The Stockton Farm Market!

It is kind of a ritual to hit the Stockton Farm Market on the weekend. It is about 20 minutes drive but totally worth it! It has wonderful cafes, produce, meats, fish and even Lavender and soaps.  I always leave buying much more than I set out to get! Today I treated myself and daughters to macarons, wood fired pizza, and fresh home made ice cream.  I brought home grass fed organic burgers, duck eggs, mustard greens, key lime cheesecake and fresh mango salsa and guacamole! I know your mouth is watering right about now. If you ever decide to visit the Lambertville or Stockton area in NJ please don't miss out on this wonderful market experience. Here are some of the vendors that I always frequent when I visit The Stockton Farm Market. Enjoy your weekend.

Buttons Creperie

Crossroads Bake Shop

DELICIOUS!  Eat This Yum

My favorite mout watering Macarons! Sciasa Confections

I enjoyed Toffee Pecan ice cream for lunch today, well it has calcium so thats good for me, right?
Half Pint Kitchen

I missed out on the arugula so I took home delicious baby mustard greens!
Check out their great recipes here!

Where I got my duck eggs for weekend omelettes! MilkhouseFarm Market