Monday, January 2, 2012

Burch style!!! Tory and Christopher that is! Forget the clothes, We will take the front Door.... okay and the clothes too!!

Hello ,"Hermes orange Front Door!!!"
Tory loves color and love the mix of deep purple and sharp green, with some grounding neutrals it all works well!
Once again the use of bright green with neutral floor and pattern looks sharp!

Tory using the 2012  trendy color of tangerine!! High gloss looks sophisticated not childish!

Love the wall paper with deep purple and black accents.. 

No... not seeing double ! This is Christopher Burch's flagship store CWonder!

Once again very Tory in style , bright greens, and mixes of high style and preppy undertones..

Love the check out desk.. wallpaper is great, love black and white.. and of course dash of bright green!

 My favorite combination was this robins egg blue in high gloss, trimmed in gilding and deep turquoise inset!

 Did I mention they do home goods too!! Ikat pillows varieties of colors!

Nice quality in reality, I think Tory better launch home goods, and quick!

Needle point animal prints..

Navy ikat plate...

Not a navy fan, the how about Brown...

Or maybe bright green.. its all GOOD!

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