Monday, January 23, 2012

Interior design and its love of "The Equine"!

 With all the talk about War Horse, I decided to pick up the book and read it prior to viewing the movie.It was a short and wonderful read.. with painful reminders of the sacrifices these wonderful horses have made for us humans!  I am deeply moved, primarily because I own one of these majestic animals.. although at times he does try us!!   I also started thinking about how horses have entered our homes, not literally but rather through our shear love at looking at them. Thus, the horse has played an intricate part in interior design.  I have posted examples of how designers have used this great animal to create a fabulous space, with links to certain sites that can help you bring a little "equus" into your life!
Summer Thornton
Christine Lane, love this.. take an old barn door and  create a masterpiece!

Branca Home
Very Kelly Wearstler of course!!!
Courtesy of ThisDesign.

Fabulous use of horse tack by Ralph Lauren!

Moooi floor lamp

I am very partial to this emerging artist because she is my daughter!
Find her wonderful work at

Piaffe Photography

Paiffe photography

If you cant afford high end horse decor , place a beautiful book on  your cocktail table! 

Kelly Klein  has a beautiful book, check it out!

Schumacher fabric will be used in a dining  we are designing very soon,pics to follow!

Of course Scalamandre's fabulous wallpaper! 

Hope you enjoyed my tribute to that marvelous animal called, "The Horse"!

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