Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Architecturally Challenged Spaces!

Its so lovely to be able to design a space that has either an abundance of original architectural charm, or is being newly built by a great architect who is conscious of moldings, windows, doors and details. However, we are not always that lucky!
What does one do when you have a client who shows you a dream room from Veranda magazine that has soaring 10foot ceilings, crown moldings and coffered ceilings, but the client’s space has 8 foot ceilings, 4inch crown moldings, and small windows! Well, one has to improvise. I believe besides the furniture pieces, art and lighting there are two tricks that I think go along way, “Fretwork” and “Shutters’!
There are ways to sneak in some faux architecture and I love anything with fretwork. You can add fretwork panels to walls as art, or to windows as window treatments. Fretwork can be easily installed on walls, or detailed onto fireplaces. I love some of the simple applications using fretwork book shelving flanking a sofa to mimic a built in. It immediately brings in an element of interest and takes out the boring factor of the room.
I also love big old shutters, or shutters that have been decorative painted to appear aged.
They look good as window treatments, as doors, and over fireplaces to cover up flat screen televisions. The larger the shutter the more architectural presence it adds to the space. So, when stuck on a boring room, bring a little detail and charm that wont break the bank, yet only looks like it did!

Okay I know its a stretch but if you did a wall with ready made asian fretwork it could work! (Christopher Corcoran)

Rather than solid doors to separate a space add some simple fretwork screen.(Colleen Fox)

Large fretwork shelving used as architecture.

A simple tall fretwork standing screen adds interest!

Fretwork as wall divider, all else can stay very simple!

Alternative window treatments.Elle Decor!

Over scale shutters in a stark white room, looks wonderful!(Darryl Carter)

Large aged shutters for window and then again on walls!

In place of doors..

The shutters and artwork give room surrounding detail.

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