Monday, February 13, 2012

Black History Month

This is a tribute to some of my favorite designers who happen to also be African american. They are all talents in their own right.. some of which I think do not get as much recognition as they deserve! I hope we get to see more of their incredible work gracing the front covers of todays most popular designer magazines in the near future! Please take note and research some of these great designers for a new perspective!

One of my all time favorites Darryl Carter!!
Darryl Carter

Cecil Hayes  awarded  in AD top 100 designer several times!
Cecil Hayes

What a talent , can take any room and transform it into a wonderland!
Preston Bailey

Sheila Bridges.. I have followed her since her days on Fine Living.. a true legend in design!
Sheila Bridges

A multi-talented designer who loves color and uses it very well!
Joan Goodwin

Michael Boyd does it all from Architecture to design this man is a talent force to be wreckoned with!!! 
Michael Boyd

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