Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gone to the DOGS!!!

I tried to perform my usual task of driving my two teenagers to high school, which usually takes me 50 minutes round trip. I don’t really mind it because it gives me a bit of alone time on the return trip to think about my day, but today was different! Yes, today my two dogs decided it was their turn to accompany us and they weren’t taking no for an answer.  I don’t have lap dogs, I have a 90 pound Labrador and a 45 pound Border mix. Needless to say they do take up some room!  So, my usual quiet morning was filled with complaints from neatly dressed, freshly perfumed teenagers that claimed they now smelled like dogs!  My response was ”Cant live with them, and we sure cant live without them”!   During the drive back home.. while f keeping windows open for the dogs in 36 degree temps, this really does hold true evening design!   Its part of our client checklist, children, dogs, cats...etc.  We make sure fabrics are pet friendly, rugs are durable, drapes don’t puddle and that plants aren’t poisonous. All this in the name of the Dog!  So here is a little tribute to that furry creature that brings such joy and havoc to our everyday lives.

Elle Decor, I think this bench was made for these two!!!

Eric Cohler

Niche de Chien

Schumacher greyhounds love this one!

Waverly "hotdogs", cute for a kids room!

Sorry couldn't resist!!

Fun mud room pillows!

Great Brass Andirons!

Have these!

Sharp Hermes trays!

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