Friday, March 30, 2012

House Of Hackney

According to House of Hackney, they take the concept of the British home wares and design and have turned it on its head! “Infusing the traditional products with playful and irreverent prints and images that seem too appeal to the new generation!
House of Hackney is on a quest to take beige out of interiors!! They were sick of the bland minimalism and disposable furnishings and wanted to provide a great change!
They have been referred to as Colefax and Fowler on “ACID”!  You will see why when you do a double take at their wallpaper, bed linens and furniture that are characterized by prints steeped in tradition but yet are bold and non–conformist!
I also find that their fabric and products are not outrageously expensive, they have truly kept the consumer in mind when pricing their items! They also provide bespoke commission if you have a specific use of size needed.
Lastly, they are also environmentally conscious and try to offset their carbon footprint by supporting the Woodland Trust in creating new native woodlands to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and crating new habitat to help wildlife adapt to climate change!
I love this fun quirky company!! I can see how it may definitely appeal to the younger generation who wants to grab on to traditionalism, yet add a cutting edge to it!
I can’t wait to use one of these fun fabrics in a future project!! Check out House of Hackney.
Dalston Rose

Have to love there advertisement!!

Queen Bee

Furniture available as well!

Wild Card

Mix of this great leopard print throughout!

Hackney Empire, I think I see this adorable cat in the paper!

Used in different color ways to make and impact!

Flights of Fancy

What a fun guest room this fabric and paper would make!!

They even do china, for a proper tea!

Lamps and lamp shades available!

Bolster pillows , which have made quite a come back!

They sell bedding as well, love the bee print on this one!


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