Have you ever wondered what life is like for one of your favorite artists or designers? When you see their paintings, do you wonder about the artist themselves and where and how they live life day to day? I had just that experience and was lucky to be able to share an at home interview with the extremely talented artist Maureen Chatfield. Her style even shines through her home decor and life experiences "please enjoy!!"

1. When did you first realize you were an artist? 
 I knew I wanted to do art from a very early age.
I guess when people started paying for my art I became an artist!

2. What can you tell us about your work?

 My current work is internal it reflects events and personal encounters. It’s a very different experience from my older more representational work.

I feel like I am an observer of a creative force that comes, does its thing then leaves.
It’s really fascinating. First a flood of colors fills me up.

The intensity of the energy that follows determines the size of the canvas that will host the event. 
I paint very spontaneously for 3-4 long days.  When my brush begins to hesitate and I start to think about a color to choose I know the creative energy has left,
and it's time to put the brushes down.

3.What other artists influenced you?

  Well lately I'm trying to isolate myself and focus internally because I am so easily influenced, but in the past the painters that really moved me were
John Singer Sargent for his amazing economy, Manet for his subtle, sophisticated palette and transition toward impressionism, Monet, and Hassam for viewing landscapes as extraordinary dots of colors.
Picasso for growing and ever changing and proclaiming that color was emotion, Van Gogh for taking that color into the emotional world like no one else and Robert Henri for simplifying beauty. 

4.What inspires you to paint and stay motivated?

  Wow that's a great question.  Everything that comes into my world expands and changes me.  Music, fashion, film.  Even world events, leave impressions and evoke emotions.  I don't necessarily feel changed but I’ll notice a new direction in palette or movement.  
There is never a conscious decision to paint.  It’s more like a subtle persistent calling. 

 5.Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Another great question!
I actually feel that I will be painting perched up high overlooking the ocean.  Not sure which coast or even which hemisphere but I see a large span of water.
6. What other interests do you have outside of painting?

 Oh a few.  I love music, independent films, hiking up hefty hills, tennis, badminton, yoga, great, fresh food, brilliant wine, Dalwhinnie scotch, gold tequila, Myers dark rum and hanging with my kids, family and friends.  Couldn't put my kids first cause they'd make fun of me but they’re really at the top of my chart.

7. Advice for young artists just starting out?
 Two things I think are very important.

One is if painting is your direction, then I would advise drawing, drawing so that when you begin painting you never have to.

And the second is that if you can, take a painting class or private instruction early on.
I was so lucky that my father had arranged painting lessons for me at a very early age.  I think I was about 13 and had a tutor.
He taught me color theory and how to reproduce any color I saw or that he pointed to. I couldn't begin painting until I had mastered "the mix".

When you learn something at an early age it just becomes part of your fabric.  To not have to think about how to arrive at a color is a very powerful tool.
I liken it to watching a person hit a tennis or golf ball who's learned it at an early age. They do it so effortlessly.   Then all that's left is mastering the terrain.

Thank you Maureen for this candid interview and welcoming me into your home with open arms!! As usual your paintings amaze me!

Maureen Chatfield

Maureen's wonderful eclectic living room!

Maureen has travelled extensively and her home reflects that  as well as her art work!

Contemporary art and traditional mixes well!

Excuse my lack of flash here, this large painting is fantastic!!

Some of Maureen's Earlier work.

There is fun written all over this photo!!

A dramatic piece which reflects her earlier work.

Love everything about this painting!!

Where all the magic happens!!!