Thursday, March 22, 2012

Color trends from Fashion week!!

According to Refinery29 there were 8 hot color trends from the recent fashion week! Since I think fashion and home design tend to follow similar trends, I thought I would list the colors to watch out for this year. A few are quite obvious because we are already seeing large doses of them, such as Burnt Orange and Eggplant! The other 6 are classic as well, with a few surprises. They are Yellow, Peach, Cerulean Blue, Deep Teal, Venetian Red, and Cobalt blue.  I was a bit surprised by peach, and yellow but understand the light airy quality these colors have when used the right way! They also can have punch when saturated! I love the fashion picks by Refinery29, and thought I would pair them with a room that may inspire you to try out one of these luscious colors over the next year!


Up World


TYID.TV shows a large eggplant strie stone slab with gold accents, love it!! 


Love of Interiors

Deep Teal

Miles Redd

Venetian Red

Ruth Burts

Primrose Yellow

Live Like You

Cobalt Blue
Joanna Goddard Blog

Cerulean Blue

Apartment Therapy


  1. Gorgeous images! I love orange too! I love vermillion, so this vermillion with a little white is perfection.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Thanks!! Makes me want to get out my paint brush!!! :)


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