Thursday, March 8, 2012

Enchanted by Iksel!

Iksel Decorative Arts: Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel create personalized decorative hand-painted frescoes whose unique gessoed and crackled canvases fit the wall like a bespoke suit. Their India-based studio also makes digital prints of scenic and architectural designs. Hand-painted decorative panels that may be hung together as a series or as single paintings also are available. The work is beautiful and I first fell in love with it  after reading the an article the December/January House Beautiful. The article showed wonderful rooms designed by" Maine Design", and when I laid eyes upon the dining room photo it was love at first site! The walls are adorned with moroccan inspired Iksel Decorative Panels, which enveloped the room with beautiful colors and interest.  I love that you may also have panels done that are small scale if you do not want full wall coverage.  i especially love the above room at Tory Burch's Hampton estate, courtesy of COCO COZY .I definitely have Iksel on my wish list!!

Elle Decor Tent done  up with Iksel Panels..simply beautiful!

Love the mix of Pottery and panels!

Classic, and timeless!

Art deco inspired, love the cranes!

Dont have the wall space for full panels, then try some of these.. starting size 32 by 28 may be customized!

Maine Design LLC. the room that inspired this post!!1

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