Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ethnic Addiction!

I have to say I am a bit worried about myself these days. Each time I visit the Design building in NYC for new fabric samples, I say "Stay away from ethnic today!" However, when I enter each showroom, it seems that my eye immediately goes for the rich ethnic prints, whether they be Ikat, Suzani, Chinoiserie, or block prints! Help!! Is it the intrigue of having something that looks well traveled in a space, is it just following a trend that we may all regret someday? I am not sure. I do know thought that world inspired fabric has been around for a long time, its just seems that in the last 10 years we have become obsessed with it. It seems that even in the 1920's interior designers, and fashion designer took inspiration from Sari's, and oriental robes.  We even find that David Hicks was inspired by African textiles. This inspiration may have prompted his interpretation of the geometric patterns he is so famous for. So, I know this "trend" will always be around, I just hope we don't allow ethnic fabric to become what toile was in the 90's. For I do miss a great toile room!! If you are a bit addicted as well, give me your thoughts!! 
In my sample bin- Manuel Canovas.

My Brunschwig sample reminds me of an Iksel!

New at Carlton V.

Possible pillows , also from Carleton V.

Possible pillows, love Peter Dunham!

Was  hoping dining room window treatments, but color slightly off, so disappointed.

Fabric samples from the 1920's show ethnic influence!
Here examples of other designer who are also quite inspired by ethnic fabrics, maybe a little addicted too! I love the mix of a few ethnic with traditional and I have to say that my favorite is the last photo from ROCHOUSENYC.com.
www.stylecourt.blogspot.com, David Hicks inspiration Samples.

Kuba cloths

Peter Dunham Design

Olga Adler interiors blog.

Oldga Adler blog

Chinoiserie Chic blog
Paloma 81

Rochouse NYC

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