Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Memories...

As you can see from my photograph that my sister and I were quite the fashion divas in Ireland! Might I remind you that it was 1971, so I think we get a pass!! Looking at this photo sent such strong memories and emotions streaming through my head and heart. Not only because were have 41 years gone, but for the losses that occurred along the way and the changes that have happened to the Ireland I remember in that photo! So I will give you some of my fond memories in a stream of consciousness.

I will always remember how that little town smelled of burning turf, and fresh grass and if I am lucky sometimes I can still smell that familiar scent in the fall with the burning of leaves and firewood.

I loved how My Uncle Sean would sing Sweet Caroline to me as we drove through town in his little blue fiat, and how he never failed to give us a roller coaster ride over the bumpy roads on which we traveled!

I will never forget being allowed to run out the front door and into the fields in the back of my Grandfathers home, with now worries just an occasional shoe lost in a cow paddy!! There were even days  that my Uncles would take us to the Bog to turf cut and then would allow us to ride on top of the pyramid pile of turf at least 15 feet high via tractor all the way home, which was a good 20 minutes.. I can't believe none of us fell off!

I did and still love Crunchy Bars, Cadbury Flake bars, and Kimberly's(ginger biscuits with marshmallow topping covered in chocolate, need I say more!!

I remember Birr Castle as if it were yesterday and how I pretended we were princesses who were able to play amongst the gardens there, and walk across a rope bridge, luckily we did not fall into the water!

What I remember most were the people of Ireland! My wonderful Uncles, Aunt, cousins, and their giving nature and good humor and how happy my mother seemed to be back sharing all of Ireland with her Children!

It is true: once the spirit of Ireland is in your blood, it will always call you home!

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