Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking for Art in all the "Right" places!

I love art! My career in design actually started with my first business as a decorative painter. I continue to increase my abilities by taking classes at the Somerset Art Association, in Bedminster, NJ.
Art is so subjective, but that is the wonderful thing about it! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one may be drawn to, another may find absurd. However, I think we can all agree that when it comes to paintings, prints, etchings, and photography, we all love a bargain! If you can find a piece that you love but don't have to pay several thousand of dollars for it, you love it even more! I view art, like I view design. Having a few good pieces that may be integrated into a space with other pieces that may be less expensive is a good idea. Somehow it all mixes so well! This is the same for art, especially when creating a gallery wall. You may have a few pieces by listed artists, or gallery artists, and then you can mix the rest up with photography, antique prints or etchings, even paintings done by your own children. 
It is amazing the places one can find affordable art! One of my favorites is a vintage art book. So needless to say I was thrilled yesterday, while shopping on my favorite street in Lambertville, NJ to come across such a find. Scattered among a pile of books was a large hard covered book,"August Macke-Tunisia watercolors and drawings!” I immediately grabbed it and began to leaf through and not only where there excellent quality prints, they were also matted!! Yes, jackpot! 30 beautiful bright great quality prints that may be mixed in among oils or watercolors in a gallery setting. I suggest when antique shopping, keep your eyes open for such books. Another lucky find of mine was from Brimfield for $3.00,  an Albrecht Durer drawings and watercolors book from 1949 filled with small prints that could be matted and framed! 
I have a few more great places that I like to find affordable art: Etsy, Ebay, and local art shows, especially ones run by colleges and high schools! Its amazing to see the young talent these days, and they love having someone appreciate their work and the mere fact that you are willing to buy their art work truly boosts there confidence and encourages them to pursue something they love to do!

Here is a glimpse of the pieces from the books I have found ! Enjoy and happy art  hunting!!!
Yes book doesn't need to be in the best condition when its the goodies inside that you really want!!!

Very serene for Macke, who usually uses vibrant colors.

Love this one!

Add to your turquoise decor!!

Simply lovely.

My $3.00 find at Brimfield
 Antique fair!
I have always loved this rabbit!

I cant wait to place a large double matting around this little guy!!

One of his prints framed.. what a sweet piece of art!

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