Monday, April 9, 2012

Are you Bird Brained?

I am bird brained! Just figuratively speaking, I love anything with birds. I have a friend who even calls me the bird lady, and blames me now that she has become a bit obsessed with them too! I am not sure what exactly it is about birds that I am drawn to. Maybe it's their interesting colors and features, or maybe it's the mere fact that they can just fly away at any given moment. No, wouldn't that be nice! I have quite a few in my possession, and if my husband agrees to a chicken coop I will have live ones too. As I looked around my house it was almost embarrassing to find at least one bird in almost every room.  I decided to share a few of my birds today, and then post some that I wish I could have. Are you a bit bird brained too?  If so I would love to see your collection. Drop me a photograph and I will post it on my blog... as one of my fine feathered friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, back to my crazy routine... and today some birds!!

A gift from my friend who calls me, "The Bird Lady"!

My little marble bird find at a consignment shop for $8.00!

This big guy hangs in my master bathroom, a gift from  my husband!

A painting that I am working on... rather large and daunting...3 x 4,vsomeday I will finish it!

One of my favorite Ralph Lauren papers, I love in both colors keep renewing these samples in hopes that I can find a client that loves them too!

One of my favorite Bennison fabrics, may become pillows on kitchen window bench!

Peggy Macnamara for Natural Curiosities, available through Town& Country Interiors .

Paule Marrot through Natural Curiosities!

Jacques Barraband for Natural Curiosities.

Well of course Gracie. Have purchased for clients but wish it was for myself!!

Especially love the orange backround, what a great small foyer this would make!

Global views Large peacock.

Eagle by Global Views. available through Town & Country Interiors.

Great Ebay find, pink flamingo.

Do you needle point? Check out

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