Thursday, April 5, 2012

Test Your Design Comfort zone!

This  contest definitely tests your design comfort level! You have to choose a topic like sin, opulence, decadence, power, greed etc according to the characters and theme of ShowTimes's new series the Borgias!I had a difficult time deciding what theme, and I am still not sure that I chose the right one! I picked  greed and chose pieces found on V& M that a person with money, power etc and especially greed may want that others do not or cannot have! The pieces do not reflect my personal style rather a channeled style according to what I think the Borgias' Greed would be like! I recommend entering, it was fun.. and there are no clients that have to approve! If you win you get a 250.00 credit to V & M, and I know I can always find quite a few things on that site that I want! If you enter please send me your link I will vote/like the design for you! I will post any boards forwarded to me, have fun! Enter at!

My Greed Board!

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