Friday, May 11, 2012

Add a touch of Hermes.

I couldn't sleep last night. Which is nothing new these days!! So of course I was perusing my favorite web haunts, one being EBAY. We had just painted a client's office / mudroom yesterday with a softer shade of Hermes orange and it started me on a Hermes search!  I know these days many of us are looking for less expensive art to fill are home, and many of these auction sites can provide just that.  One has to be willing to forgo seeing it in person and you have to trust that the seller has provided accurate details and photographs of the pieces for sale. It is so much fun when you do win something and you receive it exactly as you wanted it to look! Hermes Scarves can fit into this category. They are not "cheap", but they wont break the bank either. They also are a wonderful size if you need a large pop of color added to your decor. I have a poor old Hermes scarf that has been waiting for years to be framed, it was suppose to go in the guest room of the lake house, but my dog who was  a puppy then got a hold of the package it came in and ate a small corner off!!So here it still sits in NJ waiting for a frame.
 I think with bright colors coming back into decor a framed scarf can provide you with something trendy that is also a classic! If you don't need art, I also found some adorable ashtrays that now can be used just for decor. Check these out, you may be up tonight  like I was last night bidding away!

My poor scarf with the chewed corner..bad puppy!!


  1. Great ideas for unique art; the Hermes scarves are so varied and gorgeous!!


    Art by Karena

  2. Loving these! The blue scarf is great!!



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