Monday, May 21, 2012

Sculptures with Form and Function:Jae-Hyo Lee

I found this amazing artist on Pinterest, and immediately began my search for his works. His name is Jae-Hyo Lee and is a Korean artist who creates unique three-dimensional decorative works form assembly of natural material, such as wood pieces, and metal such as bolts and nails. He sculpts and grinds them into geometrical shapes-mesmerizing spheres hemispheres and cylinders. I found a great article on the artist on an art critics site and it stated the following:
He also does something else, which is comparatively rare in the world of contemporary art. He is, in several senses, a playful artist. He is playful in the sense that he likes to juggle with materials, and see what they can be made to do. He is so fully in command of his skills that there is, paradoxically, no sense of the laborious.
He is also playful in a different way. He sees the world in a slightly oblique way, and has a gift for turning the familiar into the unfamiliar. Almost all of us, at one time or another, have had the experience – perhaps when we have just woken up – of feeling completely disassociated from things that, at other moments, are perfectly familiar to us. A chair is not a chair. A table is not a table. It is, instead, a wholly alien object forcefully imported into an entirely unready consciousness. 
What Jae-Hyo Lee offers, in fact, are opportunities for seeing the world anew, with the kind of innocence of vision that we associate with children’s play.
Edward Lucie-Smith
Art Historian, Critic and Writer
I find his work beautiful and functional, and could imagine a piece of his furniture sculpture in any space especially a foyer or a conservatory. Enjoy this amazing artist. Please visit following, and

My Favorite!!!

Just look at this forest created by stainless steel, Lee is so amazing!

I could see these in Central Park!!

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