Friday, June 15, 2012

Fine Hungarian furniture design..Szalon!

Fathers day is  this weekend and I thought it fitting as a tribute to my Hungarian father to post about one of my favorite Hungarian furniture dealers,"Szalon." I remember as a child my father talking about the beautiful art, buildings and furniture from Hungary and Vienna.  I really couldn't appreciate it until my adulthood. My Dad, was born and raised on the border of Hungary and Vienna  in a small town named Szentgotthard. He escaped at 16 during the revolution through Austria then to America and the rest was history! I had the chance to go back last summer and tour Vienna and Hungary and left with such great appreciation for the architecture, art, and furnishings. The trip lead me to research Hungarian and Austrian contribution to modern furniture. Both Hungary and Austria had a profound influence on Modernist and secessionist furniture that  can still be easily used in today's modern and traditional settings. I found that Szalon Antiques has one of the best selections of Modernist Hungarian and Austrian furniture that I have seen. I hope you enjoy this little tribute to Hungarian craftsmen and hopefully you will leave appreciating these lovely pieces of antique Hungarian furniture as much as I do. Happy Father's Day!

Circa 1900 secessionist desk, love this one!

1920's Baroque, I see this as a wonderful bar cart substitute.

1930's Modernist/Hungarian really cool

1930's Modernist, I love the function of this table and the way it opens like a trunk!

I just love this, the clean lines and metal detail, can be used in any Eclectic interior.

1960s silver box!

Great art deco lines, but not too severe so that it can be mixed well with other furniture.

Just great! I love the finish, the X back and of course the upholstery.

The new Revival line by Szalon, this table is sharp!! Orbis Table.

Onyx cabinet part of the Revival series. Really stunning!

The Prism Cocktail table, leaves me speechless.


  1. Karolyn-
    This is one gorgeous post! Love every single piece.

    1. Thanks Teresa you are too kind!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. These are so inspiring! Beautiful furniture.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Love some of these beautiful pieces. Since the Hungarian revolution took place on my birthday and I adore Andre Kertesz, Wiener Werkstatte and Vienna, this was an interesting post!! I have even been to both Budapest (although during Iron curtain era) and Vienna, one of my favorite cities!! Happy weekend to you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by blog, I have been to Hungary during both Iron Curtain rule and last year, what a difference in Budapest! If you go back now you will love it!
      I love your blog by the way, have a wonderful weekend!

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