Monday, June 25, 2012

House of Windsor now the House of Paltrow!

Gyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin recently placed a $10.45 million down payment, for an East Coast-style estate in Brentwood, CA.
If this home looks familiar, you probably saw it in Veranda as the “House Of Windsor” that was built fresh as a concept house by renowned So Cal designer Windsor Smith. The sprawling home includes rooms designed by a handful of amazing designers, including Candace Barnes, Peter Dunham, and Kathryn Ireland and Martin Lawrence Bullard. The six-bedroom, eight-bathroom estate is 8,000 square feet, which leaves plenty of room for the young family of four. The property includes horse stables, and paddock and the landscape is very traditional as well. This home definitely has East Coast aesthetic! This doesn’t surprise me because I think Gyneth is a New York girl at heart and as you know Chris Martin reigns from the U.K., so a East coast style design is right up their alley! Wonder if she will keep the decor as seen in Veranda, and if she does change it... who will do the honors? I cannot wait to stay tuned.Enjoy!

Credits: casasugar, and Veranda.

I love that Door!

The stately yet uncluttered design of this foyer suits this sprawling estate!

Love the bar!

The eclectic design of this space is one that I could definitely live with!

The floors!

Peter Dunham's design!

This ceiling is great!

One of my favorite kitchens.

Gray cabinets a breath of fresh air!

Design by Martin Lawrence Bullard.

Paddock by Kathryn Ireland.


  1. Karolyn-
    I love every inch of this home. It is perfect for the new owners.
    Happy Monday.

  2. The foyer is so pretty and the kitchen is fab!!

  3. The home has surely got a a very beautiful and an amazing look..Really loved the interiors..


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