Friday, June 8, 2012

Let it Shine!

Well high gloss walls are still holding their own! It was quite evident after viewing the Kips Bay show house. Several rooms had either high gloss walls or a piece that had been re-painted in a high gloss.
I love it! The reflective nature of the high gloss even enables a dark paint color to almost glisten when exposed to light. I personally like using a color that has a darker tone just to really showcase the reflection, but I do appreciate pale colors in high gloss as well. We have used a white gloss in hallways on walls and trim, easy to clean up those little finger prints! I also like and have used high gloss on a ceiling to give interest to a space.  I think the key to high gloss is make sure it's done RIGHT! Nothing worse than seeing a half attempt at gloss that falls short because it was done with latex and a brush, or ill prepared walls prior to application. Wall must be sanded as smooth as possible, if budget allows re-skim coat old plaster walls before applying a high gloss.  We were extremely lucky to meet one of the fabulous painters who did the most delicious walls at the Kips Bay show house, Jonathan Kutzin from America Painting. Jonathan was kind enough to explain his process of high gloss and believe me it was detailed! They use an oil base marine finish, ventilate the rooms, sand between coats, and thin down the paint with a special concoction to ensure the fluidity and lovely wet look! He is a master, the paint looked like candy, or freshly applied wet nail polish..simply perfect. You better believe I grabbed his card! I think he will be doing some high gloss rooms for us in the future. (
Happy Weekend everyone! and,

Loved the Hampton Design room, a mossy brown on the walls in high gloss!

Again Hampton room at the Kips Bay.

From my Pinterest, love these chocolate walls!!

Kips Bay done by Thom Filicia, really amazing in reality the color was wonderful!

Room finished by America Painting for Kips Bay, the white still looked utterly wet, and really fun! Designed by Charles Pavarini III, who was also the chair this year!

Garrow Kedigian did this room in a deep eggplant, the gloss makes this work incredibly well.
We chose a light caramel high gloss for this ceiling to compliment the vintage Gracie Paper, this ceiling had to be skim coated before this application and we had it sprayed,


  1. Wow! These are beautiful images. I don't have lacquered walls, but I love them. I think I will start with the powder room and see how it goes.
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn.
    Happy Friday.

  2. I love the gleam of lacquered walls in fabulous rooms!! Love these images.

    Anita's Parisian Party
    Art by Karena


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