Monday, June 4, 2012

My Monday morning search for a MUSE!!

After my Miles Redd experience on Friday, I have spent the weekend in great contemplation.  I thought about design and all that goes in to creating that one special space, all of the planning, searching, meetings etc. But what really makes "GOOD" design? I think after the lecture and viewing the Kipsbay show house filled with stunning design by some of my favorite designers, such as Bunny Williams, David Scott, Jamie Drake etc, I have an answer.  I believe its thinking outside the or out of the box as David Scott does, and find your muse! Find inspiration in the most unexpected places, rather than searching for items or colors or fabrics, search for a something that literally moves you or strikes you.  Like Miles Redd who was inspired by Babe Paley and Fonssagrives, we can find our own muse! That is what I set out to do on this early Monday morning. The only problem is I found more than one!  I looked at photographs of women that I think embody the type of  style that can create a room, and I hope you agree. Who would your muse be? Think about it and let me know. Happy Monday!!
 Daphne Guinness! This photo with its lines, sharp contrast, and colors, could inspire a stunning room!

Again Daphne Guinness in a filtered veil with great tones of gold and black, with a subtle hint of white.
Really the photograph speaks for itself!!!

This is a show stopper!
The purples, orange, sharp lines then flowing cascade of fabrics.. WOW!!

Hello Mrs Robinson, sophisticated with a touch of leopard, black, warm tone so her face. Gives great ideas for a room!

Of course Miles' favorite Babe Paley, elegant, sharp, voted best dresser of this century by Vanity Fair!

Really, can anyone not create a room around this photograph?

Oh Jackie O! The geometric pattern, the softness of her face and sharp black accents..with a touch of

Diahann Carol, rustic , yet sophisticated with burnt orange, velvet walls, reflective black, and bronze metal detail!


  1. Well this was certainly food for thought! It has started me thinking!
    Happy Monday, Karolyn.

  2. It's a different concept but I like how Miles uses it to inspire some of his rooms. Let me know who your muse is after you give it some thought!
    XO Karolyn

  3. Now that is definitely an interesting way to think and look for inspiration. I had not thought of this before. I also have a hard time thinking of something based upon a person, because I may think strawberries for someone, and they will like grapefruit. *wink*

    Fantastic new way to think though. Love it!

    1. Thanks! I know its an interesting concept and after the Miles Redd lecture I really thought about it and thought "Why Not!" Great new Designer of the week keep up the great work!!

  4. How interesting! I'd have to say Grace Kelly. I love your blog BTW!

    1. So True, Grace Kelly creates a wonderful room, I posted about her in my Icon Inspired Rooms post. Great CHoice!!! Love you blog and your site!!!!

      Will be making a purchase soon!


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