Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh My... En Grisaille!

I have always loved Grisaille painted murals. Grisaille is a monochrome painting using shades of gray or (sometimes brown). Grisaille was used by Renaissance artist to depict or imitate relief sculpture paintings. I remember the first one that I painted in a home down the shore, I was inspired by Graham Rust and his grisaille murals. I used asian elements and sea creatures such as Lobsters, and conch shells  but in a realistic way not whimsical. I am working on two powder rooms right now and I feel one may be in need of a grisaille mural, so my search has begun for that one mural that will spark inspiration. I hope you like my picks as much as I do, Happy Monday all! 

The above murals and Book courtesy of Graham Rust.

Gorgeous, Cote De Texas.

Beautiful with glazed wash over mural,

Love this american classic grisaille with deep gray trim to make mural pop! Credit:Salt Rock Studio

Love this!

Two above courtesy of Tim Dolby.



Classic Michael Smith

Suzanne Rheinstein courtesy of Elle Decor.

Rheinstein, Holly Hock

How about a Grisaille Panel by Tara Shaw

No wall mural , no problem..just add a grisaille chair!!Also from Tara Shaw!

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  1. Wow, Karolyn! This is one gorgeous post!! Pinned a few.
    Would love to see your work.
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