Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sending Peace and Healing.

It was very difficult for me to think about design, let alone blog after Friday's tragedy in Colorado.
I have teenagers and if I lived there I am sure they may have gone to the premier as well. Seeing the parents of lost children, and the suffering of the survivors left me feeling so helpless.  So all I can do is try to send some peace and healing out there in to the world today.  I hope people can learn to find peace in times like these, and those who are are troubled like the gunman, I hope can find peace somewhere in their hearts so that this never happens again. Here are some images that bring me peace...


  1. Lovely post, Karolyn. It has been an emotional week.
    These images prove that we are surrounded by love even in the presence of such evil.
    Happy Monday.

    1. Thanks Teresa! Let this week be a better week for all!


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