Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coo Coo for Cocoa!

It's that time of year  when I try wrap up my own house projects after spending the summer working on other's spaces. The big project this year will be re-painting and re-furnishing the library.  Some items are staying such as an antique red, brown and black Bokhara rug and two throne chairs that were handed down from a great Aunt.  My inspiration is coming from a giant photograph of our horse on canvas that will adorn the only full wall in the room. All other walls are book shelves and a fireplace. I think I am in love with Cocoa Lacquer! I want a real change and I think that will give the room some serious impact! I think the book shelves and all the trim will be lacquered and maybe the walls will be in a cream herringbone linen wall covering by Phillip Jeffries. So I found some rooms that also inspire me. Will keep you posted on the progress, Happy weekend all!

My Inspiration!

Above two courtesy of Little Augury.

Billy Baldwin

Courtesy of Coco cozy.


Two above courtesy of Vancollier.


My Pinterest.

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