Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marella Agnelli's Magical Marrakech Estate!

I read an article in Vogue on Ginevra Elkann and her amazing life and accomplishments. At 32 years of age she has experieced such wonderful things, I could only hope to check off one on my bucket list! One being the grand daughter of Marella Agnelli, two having her wedding one her grandmothers estate in Marrakech. I am in love with Ain Kassimou, its something out of a fairytale with interiors to match. I hope you love some of these photos as much as I do!

 Marella Agnelli-courtesy of Little Augery.


[AGNELLI] Lovely pale Pink bedroom-WSJ

Courtesy-Mark D.Sikes

Courtesy-Mark D. Sikes

Ginevra Elkann at home in Turin
Ginevra Elkann the quiet risen star amongst the Agnelli empire..


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