Sunday, September 23, 2012


There are so many hidden gems in NJ! We have such a bad reputation, yet we have so many beautiful towns, parks, shops and homes. I particularly love the area where our children go to school in Gladstone/Peapack. It's by Far Hills and Bernardsville. This area is surrounded by horse country and amazing old hidden mansions.  In fact, one such mansion is for sale! If you have 4.9 million sitting to invest why not come out to Jersey and take on the Blairsden Estate. This 38 room, 31 bedroom mansion is beyond imagination. I am sure it may need a bit of updating, and I certainly would not want to pay the heating bill, but just imagine what life must have been like back in it's heyday! Just another reason to come check the New Jersey countryside out. Happy Sunday! Courtesy of-Turpin and Sothebys.


  1. Wow!! This is what a mansion looks like!!
    I like NJ a lot. That is where my husband is from.

    Hope you can visit my blog today, I have a guest post.

  2. I've lived in or adjacent to New Jersey my entire life and never heard of this place. Amazing! Must check it out.


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