Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Navajo!

I have always loved old antique Native American Indian paintings, prints, rugs, blankets etc. I am glad to see a resurgence of the Navajo blanket and rug. I imagine sitting by a fire pit in the Fall with a Navajo pattern Pendelton wrapped around me, nothing cozier! When they are done with fun popping colors or simple lines they can blend well even into a modern interior setting!  I love it with rustic-chic the best.  I also find that they can complement african rugs and dhurries as well for an eclectic mix.  I have found some great items on Etsy, etc.. and also examples of them in interior design. What do you think? Is using Navajo accents a thumbs up or down, let me know!

Simple Navajo rug=Etsy!

Pop of color rug also Etsy!

Pendelton wool Navajo blanket, love the colors! Etsy!

For a subdue setting this Pendelton is perfect!

How about upholstering some a modern bench in a navajo blanket!

Leave it to Ralph to use Navajo right! 

Again Ralph using wonderful Navajo fabric for upholstery, very Autumn!

Cozy up by the fire with this reading chair!

Robert Allen Navajo collection. Pillow on Etsy!

I absolutely love the two set of pillows from Etsy!

Courtesy of- Style Theories, House and Home,Elle Decor, and  Talking Tree.


  1. All so pretty! I absolutely love the bench and rugs.

  2. Can you tell me where the last two sets of pillows are from? It just says from Etsy but doesn't specify which shop. Thanks!

    1. I love Urban Camp, Robin Cottage and 3B Mod Living. They get some great navajo fabric for pillows! SEnd me a photo of what you choose,


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