Monday, October 22, 2012

Eagerly Awaiting "The Collected Home"!

This is a big year for Darryl Carter! His second book "The Collected Home" is due out the end of October, and he should soon be opening up his new store in Shaw! That is one trip I will gladly make. I can only imagine the amazing pieces that will be on display with Mr. Carter's exquisite taste. I love the idea of a Collected Home. We are so eager to just get our homes completed these days that we forget the process and art of collecting! Remember there are still those great out of the way antique stores, art galleries, even the fun estate sales where one can find that special piece that gives your space instant personality. I think it is so important that our spaces reflect who we are so that just by looking around a room you feel the home owners presence. Here is a tiny glimpse into what we may find in "The Collected Home", and I added some additional Darryl Carter Favorites of mine!
Courtesy-The Washington Post, Amazon, Darryl Carter, and Architectural Digest.

I think his interior style totally reflects his personality, and he looks good just standing there in that room!
Below are  some of my favorite DC rooms!


  1. Hi Karolyn,
    How are you?

    Very pretty spaces here.

    1. Hi Priscilla, doing well here, just got pillow covers I LOVE them!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. He is such a talented designer. Can't wait to see the book.
    Happy Tuesday.


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