Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fabulous Faux Fur!

We have the threat of a Noreastern heading our way this weekend! Who knows what that could bring, since last year we had a snow storm right before Halloween. This has me thinking about bundling up with a perfect "Faux" fur!  I love fur, but like many I feel too guilty to wear the real thing or to have  it draped over my sofa or bed. Yet, I want that Cy Twombly bedroom! It is also so difficult to know if you are getting the real "Fur" deal since the P Diddy(Sean Combs) fur scandal a few years back. So, it is nice to know you can find fabulous faux furs! I found a few sites that have beautiful pieces for home and wardrobe, enjoy! Happy Hump Day!

Lets make it a Faux throw to ease our guilt! Love you Cy Twombly!

All of the above are available at Fabulous Furs!
Michael Kors

Nieman Marcus

Love these- Faux UK

Moore And Moore Design!

This is great from Etsy!


  1. Absolutely love a fur throw on the sofa in the cooler months. And as a bonus, so does my dog so it keeps her off the upholstery! Hope you and your readers can stop by to enter my Novica giveaway - $50 giftcard!

  2. Why not? They look so good on those women :) I think a faux fur throw would be fun. Perhaps on my new sectional sofa in the basement.....gets cold down there!

  3. I' think I prefer faux fur as well! Love Caroline


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